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peace and consolation while relaxing your sour

by Nathan Zachary

Chikmagalur is the most renowned mountain station in Karnataka due to its coffee plantations and a wildlife sanctuary. Can also see animals such as tigers, elephants, leopards, and many more in the forests of Chikmagalur. Together with a fascinating waterfall, the city is surrounded by mountain tops such as Baba Budangiri and the Mullayanagiri Peaks.

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There are many places in and around Chikmagalur, but first things, as we need to look into good housing near the city. There are many places you can experience here.

In the resorts of Chikmagalur, numerous resorts provide travelers with comfortable and relaxing recreational facilities and basic facilities needed for a good journey. At these resorts, you’ll find peace and consolation while relaxing your sour muscles and immersing yourself in calm.

7 Best Resorts Near Chikmagalur
Are you looking for the most luxurious accommodation in Chikmagalur? Many resorts are located near Chikmagalur Falls, and it is always better to get close to the city’s tourist attractions. So here are7 of Chikmagalur’s best resorts.

Greenwood Resort, Kemmangundi: Stay Amid Nature
Hebbe Falls in the Kemmangundi hill station is the most popular tourist destination of Chikmagalur. You can stay near the natural surroundings and gain facilities like free parking, car rental, food and drinks, an airport shuttle. There is also an on-site restaurant that serves both traditional and continental cuisine. They also provide sports enthusiasts with a table tennis facility at the resort. Don’t miss the visit to Hebbe Falls if you’re here.

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Mullayanagiri: Mesmerizing views Trivik Hotels And Resort.
It is one of the luxury resort in Chikmagalur which offers you everything from spas to TV, fully equipped AC, and gym rooms to golf courses and outdoor swimming pools. Besides a taste of the delicious coffee, this resort is best known for its coffee-plantation on the Mullayanagiri hills. The bar and the on-site restaurant also allow guests to enjoy drinks. Mullayanagiri is a beautiful hill with a lot of eye-catching greenery.

Lush Green Ambiance: Captains Farms By Vista Rooms.
It has many facilities including free parking, garden, kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator, and other equipment. This beautiful resort is located near Chikmagalur in Belavadi, with many facilities. Belavadi is a landmark and one of Chikmagalur’s major attractions. It is a little village with plenty of greenery, several trees and plants, and more in the surrounding countryside.

Malnad Hills: for Adventure Lovers, Jenukallu Valley Resort
It’s one of Chikmagalur’s best resorts with a pool. The resort provides activities for the outdoors, adventures, volley, cascades, and more. They also offer the best food installations, apart from that. The personnel are extremely supportive and help you deal with everything you need. They are willing to help you face any problems.

Coorg Cliffs Resort: Gratifying Hospitality
Coorg is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka, famous for its coffee plantations, for exploring more tourism experiences. The mountains are covered by various trees and are also known for their cultural activities. Coorg Cliffs Resort has many amenities such as a pool, garden, terrace, free Wi-Fi, fitness area, entertainment facilities, wardrobes, annexed laundry room, free parking, trekking, tennis court, and many others.


Royal Orchid Central, Shimoga: Comfort And More!
The resort offers you excellent facilities for fully furnished rooms with air conditioning, air conditioning, television, 24-hour desk support, room service, etc. They have a small mini bar there as well. All rooms at this tourist destination are clean, smooth, and spacious. This is one of Chikmagalur’s favorite resorts.

River Tern Lodge, Jungle Lodges, Lakkavalli
The best resorts in Chikmagalur combine natural surroundings and fauna perfectly. Situated in the Western Ghats in the beautiful town of Bhadra, the resort is regarded as a 2-star hotel based on the amenities that its guests provide. Each unit in this facility has all kinds of modern amenities to make your stay here comfortable and cozy.

The hotel also has a garden, playrooms, and a center for yoga meditation. You can organize outdoor activities on request, including sailing, kayaking, water cycle, water trampoline, trekking, bird watching, mountain biking, and climbing.

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