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PNP options to get Canada PR with low CRS

by Nathan Zachary

If you wish to apply for Canada PR from India and are unable to score the required CRS score, you can consider PNP options. Provincial Nominee Programs allow provinces to cater to their specific immigration requirements. PNPs are usually designed to cater to the scarcity of skills in the labor market. Consequently, they aim at immigrant applicants having work experience in occupations in high demand.

Several PNPs specify a connection to the province to qualify for nomination application. It can be an educational credential, work experience, or a job offer. However, there are PNPs that select applicants only on their competency for filling demographic or labor market gaps.

Here are five PNPs that are a convenient option for candidates to get Canada PR Visa with low CRS scores:

Overseas Skilled Worker Saskatchewan

The Skilled Overseas Worker stream of Saskatchewan Province selects candidates having experience in occupations in demand. It consists of 2 sub-categories:

·         Express Entry Saskatchewan stream which mandates the applicants to have a profile in Express Entry that is active

·         Occupations In-Demand Saskatchewan stream which does not necessitate candidates to have an active Express Entry profile

Express Entry Stream Alberta

The Express Entry stream of Alberta province chooses suitable candidates from Express Entry to submit applications for nominations. One major benefit of this immigration category is that it allows candidates in Express Entry with scores in CRS equal to 300. It means that a number of candidates in the pool can qualify for receiving a Letter of Interest from Alberta.

The pathway is allied with the federal Express Entry system. The applicants who are successful in receiving the nomination from the province will get 600 extra points under CRS. It assures that the candidates get an ITA for PR Visa in the upcoming draw. Thus, the Express Entry stream of Alberta is suitable for candidates who have low scores in CRS.

Human Capital Priorities Stream Ontario

The Human Capital Priorities /HCP Stream of Ontario is among the provinces with the maximum allocation of nominations. It actively offers invitations for provincial nominations and is an amazing choice for overseas applicants. The stream offers priority to skilled professionals who can cater to the job openings in the local labor market.

Aspiring HCP applicants are required to possess an active profile in Express Entry and have a CRS score of 400 or higher. Ontario searches for candidates in the Express Entry pool and offers invitations to specific applicants for nomination. The selection is usually based on a cluster of NOC codes and precise CRS scores.

Ontario regularly conducts selection draws owing to its high migration intakes. It is thus among the provinces in Canada that are easier for eligible candidates to receive PR Visas.

Notwithstanding its high immigration quotas, the province intends to accept more immigrants. Monte McNaughton the Labor Minister of Ontario recently asked for doubling the allocation of immigrants for PR Visa under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. OINP currently offers 9000 nominations and the requested increase means 18,000.

Labor Market Priorities Stream Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s stream Labor Market Priorities also directly chooses candidates from Express Entry. It frequently offers invitations to candidates who do not have any link with Nova Scotia. LMP is thus regarded as among the easier PNPs for immigrants to get PR Visas.

The Province does not declare the criteria or occupations that will be targeted prior to conducting the selection draws. However, it frequently offers invitations to candidates having no link with the province. Aspiring candidates are required to declare their intention to move to Nova Scotia. They must also possess a profile active in Express Entry.

Candidates who are successful receive extra 600 extra points under CRS as the stream is aligned with Express Entry. It thus assures ITA for PR Visa in the imminent Express Entry selection draw.

Express Entry Prince Edward Island

Aspiring candidates in the Express Entry pool seeking to receive a Letter of Interest from Prince Edward Island have to file an EOI – Expression of Interest. They can then submit an application for nomination from PEI. Applicants must be qualified for any of the 3 federal economic immigration programs – FSWP, FSTP, or CEC.

Candidates are not required to have an offer of a job from an employer in PEI. Their expertise and skills must however fulfill the existing demand for workers in the province. Only such candidates will be considered for LOI.

Canada has 70 plus PNPs and selecting the most suitable pathway for your application can be truly challenging. You can connect with ICCRC-accredited Immigration Consultants at Nationwide Visas for assisting you in this crucial choice.

If you are not sure about how to get Canada PR from India, contact our Experts today. Our highly competent team will assist you in filing the PR Visa application. With record Canadian immigration intake targets, now is the best time to start your process.

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