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Practical Steps in Starting a Mobile Mechanic Business

by Nathan Zachary

Imagine your car breaking down on the road, and you find no mechanic nearby. The situation is challenging and irritating.

But, what could be the solution? The answer is straightforward–call a mobile mechanic.

To resume driving, a mobile mechanic can help you effectively deal with such a situation. So, the role of a mobile mechanic is remarkably important.

But, setting up a mobile mechanic business is not that easy. It involves multiple challenges. And that also calls for time, money, hard work and specific skills.

But, once you deal with the challenge, you will reap rewarding results.

So, how do you define a mobile mechanic business? Ideally, you can define a typical mobile mechanic as a mechanic that travels to the vehicle repair site to provide their services.

Usually, such mechanics carry their workshop in the back of their vans. And, they can provide almost all the services of a traditional mechanic, from basic repairs to tough part replacements.

Steps to Set Up a Mobile Mechanic Business

After knowing the definition of a mobile mechanic business, you should know the steps of setting up one.

Acquire the Right Skills

You need mechanical engineering skills, but that is not enough. In addition, you should be business savvy.

Therefore, you should study some business literature before setting the ball rolling.

Likewise, you need good communication and interpersonal skills to deal with customers, suppliers and your employees effectively.

Moreover, you need to be highly organized to keep track of your customers’ needs and their requirements.

Again, you also need to be tech-savvy to run the business. And, you should have strong financial management capabilities to make a profit.

Acquire the Essential Qualifications

It is the first step. Your dream to become a mobile mechanic will fructify only after acquiring the relevant qualifications.

The common qualification is completing an apprenticeship in addition to on-job training.

Generally, it takes four years to complete the education. After completing an apprenticeship, you can specialize in a qualification, like a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology.

Apply for a License

After attaining the requisite qualification, you must acquire a motor vehicle repairer license to start your own mobile mechanics business. You can apply for the license after registering your company at your state’s licensing office.

Decide the Business Structure

The first step towards registering your business as a legal entity is to decide the business structure.

Different factors can influence the structure of your business, like the number of employees, your holding in the business, and your goals.

You can have three options to choose from:

Sole Trader

If you register as a sole trader, you will operate your business as a one-person brand. So, you will have complete control over your business. In addition, you should pay the requisite taxes.


If you run your mobile mechanics business with a partner, you will have to share the responsibility equally. And the partners are responsible for running the business and maintaining profits and losses.

Proprietary Company

If you register your business as a company, it will be a separate entity from you. And, you will be regarded as the Director. Such types of companies are more complex than the other two categories.

 Once you have decided on the business structure, you need to register for an Australian Business Number (ABN), which allows you to run your business in Australia. It is a form of identification for the government.

For customers, finding a mobile mechanic is not an issue due to the predominance of Google. All they need to do is go to Google, and type ‘mobile mechanic near me’ or ‘car mechanic near me’ to get a list of car mechanics near your location.


So, you should not wait further if you want to start a mobile mechanic business. And we believe that this article will help you to proceed with the tight steps.

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