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Practice Velocity vs Practice Mate: 2022’s Favorite Healthcare Solutions! 

by Nathan Zachary
Practice Velocity vs Practice Mate: 2022’s Favorite Healthcare Solutions! 

There are many options available in the healthcare industry for online practice management. A good EMR (electronic medical record) manager has basic capabilities like e-Prescriptions and appointment management. It also comes with a complete patient portal. This is a comparison of Practice Velocity vs Practice Mate, which are two dependable options for healthcare providers. This blog will discuss their respective features, demo options, and pricing details to help you choose one. 

Practice Velocity is an industry leader in web-based urgent care solutions. Dr. Jon Schrock, an emergency medicine physician, founded the company in 2002. Practice Velocity is a one-stop shop for EMR, practice administration, and billing. Coding, scheduling, and reporting are also included. 

Practice Mate is a cloud-based practice management solution that is free to use. Customers can get EHR at an affordable rate. It includes scheduling, superbills, appointment reminders, claims creation, reporting, and so on. Clients can submit claims to over 5000 payers and enjoy lower denials. The automatic claim cleansing before submission simplifies the insurance process.  Clinics can also track the status of each claim. 

Practice Velocity EHR Software:

The following are Practice Velocity features that make it a reliable EMR solution; 

Key Features 

Appointment Scheduling:

You can schedule appointments for all providers with multi-provider, multi-location scheduling features. You can also manage the appointments for procedure rooms. This feature lets you look up existing appointments with your patients. You can send automatic appointment reminders to manage appointments. You can offer choices for accepting, rescheduling, or canceling an appointment. 

Claims Management:

You can track and handle claims to receive reimbursement help. Automatic statement sending and denial analysis are among the capabilities. 

Electronic Health Record:

Practice Velocity is a robust solution for improving your urgent care performance. It adapts its operating system’s features and capabilities to match the changing demands of the industry. It also lets you meet patient expectations. You can register patients in less than 2 minutes. You can also graph 80% of your typical visitors for better medical charting. 

Patient Engagement:

This feature lets you receive meaningful feedback and recommendations from patients. As a result, you can continue to improve clinical performance and attract more patients. Send customized communications to patients to increase engagement and satisfaction. 

Patient Portal:

You can allow patients to use a secure patient portal to make appointments. They can also fill out intake forms, pay bills, view medical information, and connect with their doctors. 

Practice Velocity Pricing:

The Practice Velocity subscription’s cost depends on each practice’s size. The details about Practice Velocity pricing plans are unavailable on the official vendor profile. You can contact the sales team of Practice Velocity to get a customized quote for your clinic. 

Practice Velocity Demo: 

You can schedule a demo if you are interested in seeing Practice Velocity from different angles. The demo shows the Practice Velocity software in action so you can gain clarity about the platform. You can schedule the demo at a suitable hour by contacting the Practice Velocity customer representatives. 

Practice Velocity Reviews:

The Practice Velocity software is a sturdy system for clinics. 

Practice Velocity has “increased the engagement with patients.” 

Users think that the Practice Velocity software is prone to crashing. 

Practice Mate EHR Software:

Let’s take a brief look at the Practice Mate features: 

Key Features:

Appointment Scheduling:

Patients can be scheduled using the Practice Mate program. You could use Practice Mate EMR to ensure that your practice’s scheduling is automated. You can also add columns for each supplier, as well as for other factors. Appointments for practitioners can also be color-coded. 

Patient Ally:

Practice Mate’s Patient Ally provides various engagement tools to patients and practitioners. It integrates appointment reminders and new content notifications. Patients can also schedule and manage appointments with various providers. It also offers secure online communications to and from patients. Patients and providers can check payment history and online bill pay. 


The “Clearinghouse” capability lets you import claims to a file instead of printing them. You can then log on to the Practice Mate website, and the file is in our hands with a few mouse clicks. You will receive an e-mail confirmation, and your files will be processed within an hour. Its pre-scrubs all claim fields, and you can rectify any rejected claims on our website. 

Patient Portal:

It has a patient portal where patients can access all their information from you and your clinic. They can use the gateway to make appointments, fill out patient paperwork, and do several other activities. This function is beneficial to both practitioners and patients. 

Practice Mate Pricing:

The cost of Practice Mate software depends on the size of your practice and the number of practitioners. Contact the Practice Mate sales team to get a customized cost for your practice. 

Practice Mate Demo:

You can learn more about Practice Mate software by watching a live demo of the software. The demo is a comprehensive introduction to Practice Mate’s features. You can even ask questions about its capabilities during the demo. 

Practice Mate Reviews:

Practitioners believe that Practice Mate has a simple interface. 

Practice Mate is quick and easy to use. 

At the same time, Practice Mate offers a limited set of features. 

Finally… Practice Velocity vs Practice Mate? 

Practice Velocity is an end-to-end clinical operations solution for on-demand healthcare providers. Users appreciate it for its user-friendliness and straightforward UI. Its users also praise its ease of setup and onboarding, as well as the clarity of its instructions. 

Office Practice Mate Ally is a practice management software that offers a cost-effective electronic health record tool. It is used by around 330,000 medical practitioners in the United States. The program is web-based and provides full practice management functions. Its features include patient scheduling, appointment reminders, invoicing, and reporting. 

To conclude, Practice Velocity and Practice Mate are top-notch solutions to manage clinical operations. Before making a final decision, it is also helpful to watch the demos of these two EMRs. 

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