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Quality Bridge Inspections Tools for Under-Bridge Platforms

by Nathan Zachary
Snooper Truck Rental

Most of the time, determining how to examine and clean bridges is complex. To solve the problem Snooper Truck Rental is always there to help you. Some bridges are so low that a group of people may stroll over them while standing on the ground below, but a procedure must be followed most of the time.

Motorized Vehicle Access to Underwater Areas

A technician or inspector may need to go “hands-on” with the bridge’s components during an inspection. There are several automobiles available to assist them in getting there and back. The following are the most popular types of Snooper Truck Rental used to inspect bridges.

Scissor lifts may inspect bridges with low clearance between the road below and the bridge itself. Most scissor lifts have a vertical reach of up to 20 feet. These chairs should only be used on relatively level terrain. 

A “man lift” is a vehicle with a platform or bucket to transport one or more employees. These vehicles are sometimes known as “personal transporters.” The platform is maintained in position by a hydraulic boom connected to a carriage. 

An inspector on the bridge’s observation deck controls the carriage. Four-wheel drive man lifts are available in Snooper Truck Rental. However, they should only be utilized on level land. Some man lift versions may go up to 170 feet in the air, while others can only travel 40 feet.

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A bucket truck of Snooper Truck Rental can lift and lower workers from the ground, but unlike a man lift, it may be driven on public highways, and the driver has complete control over how the bucket travels. Like a man lift, a bucket truck operates well on the same level terrain.

How to Select the Best Inspection Platform for Under-Bridge Inspections?

Inspectors utilize specialized under-bridge inspection trucks with articulated booms to survey the underside of a bridge’s superstructure while the vehicle is parked on the bridge deck. This vehicle of Snooper Truck Rental is known as an “under bridge inspection vehicle,” or UNIV. Most of the time, the third boom can be extended to reach farther and retracted to reach areas under a structure.

Larger under-bridge inspection trucks of Snooper Truck Rental may have up to four booms, giving them a far greater reach than the previous two vehicles.

A bucket that can accommodate two or three persons is attached to the third book of various under-bridge inspection vehicles. The HPT43, for example, has a ladder on the first boom and a big platform on the third boom.

The bridge’s construction and the surrounding terrain are two of the most significant factors to consider when selecting the appropriate under-bridge inspection vehicle for your task or project.

While price is crucial, features and requirements should precede the final analysis of Snooper Truck Rental. To ensure that you hire the correct truck and bridge inspection platform equipment for your project, you should deal with a reputable company with extensive expertise.


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