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Real Raw News claims that Bill Clinton was poisoned

by Nathan Zachary
Real Raw News

A recent story published on the social networking site Instagram by the website real raw news claims that former President Bill Clinton was poisoned. This claim is false according to PolitiFact, a website that fact-checks fake news. It also does not include relevant pictures or a caption.

The claim, which has received several hundred likes on social media, is based on a faulty theory. The truth is that Clinton was hospitalized in October for a bacterial infection called sepsis. He was subsequently released from the hospital and returned to New York for the remainder of his antibiotics.

The source of this claim is Michael Baxter, who runs three websites and several YouTube channels. He has a reputation for promoting far-fetched conspiracy theories. However, Baxter’s real name is Michael Tuffin, and he is 53 years old.

It publishes fabricated stories about prominent figures being arrested by the military

The website Real Raw News has a history of publishing baseless stories about prominent figures being arrested by the military. For instance, an article published on their website on June 20, 2022, claimed that Hillary Clinton’s former attorney Michael Sussmann was arrested by the U.S. military for “coercing the FDA to profit from the sale of vaccines” and “masterminding a child trafficking ring with Jeffrey Epstein.” The story has since been re-tweeted more than 600 times. While some users questioned the article’s veracity, others were convinced it was published by a credible news organization.

Tuffin also runs several other websites and associated YouTube channels, promoting his far-fetched conspiracy theories. His real name is Michael Tuffin and he is 53 years old.

It promotes humor, parody and satire

The website Real Raw News is the source of a wide variety of stories that are based on false information. Its content is sourced from open-source intelligence leads, public records, archived web pages, and social media postings. The website’s articles are frequently shared on social media, and its stories are frequently retweeted by users. The site was established in April 2020, and it started publishing stories in late December. Its stories include false rumors that the White House purchased assault rifles from China, that Trump had indicted Fauci, and that the Marine Corps rejected Nancy Pelosi’s request for inauguration security. It also garnered the attention of NewsGuard, which has investigated the site’s content.

One of the most controversial articles published on Real Raw News was a story claiming that former President Bill Clinton had been poisoned. The article allegedly obtained over 700 “likes” in a matter of days. The article was later debunked by Reuters.

It is an independent publisher

Real raw news is a satirical news website that regularly publishes fantastical and false stories with the byline of a famous journalist. The site is a relatively new publication that is known for its satirical and parody news articles. Several fact-checkers have reviewed these claims. However, the headlines provide sufficient evidence that the articles are satire.

Real Raw News is not without controversy. While many other misinformation websites feature more believable stories, many of its claims are wildly exaggerated. Its “trust no one but me” style has caused some experts to question its credibility. The site also regularly runs several stories related to the same hoax.

It is a platform for sharing hoaxes

The news website Real Raw News has come under fire for promoting conspiracy theories and spreading false news. A recent report by PolitiFact found that the page was promoting conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation. In response, Facebook removed the page for violating their COVID-19 policies. In addition, Google blocked ads on Real Raw News stories. While this may seem like a minor setback, it is worth noting that Real Raw News has been criticized for publishing a number of hoaxes and misinformation about the current administration.

Michael Baxter, the author of Nibiru News, has also been implicated for spreading false information through his website. Baxter posts comments on Real Raw News under the name Michael Baxter, and his website has a page where readers can donate money to support the news site. While Baxter denies running a fake news site, he defends the accuracy of his work and the credibility of his unnamed sources.

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