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by Nathan Zachary
Real Raw News

Real raw news is an unbiased publication that explores content that mainstream media isn’t ready to publish. Since launching in December 2020, the web site has published over 150 articles. Many of these articles spin the narrative of military arrests and executions, earning the site 1000s of social media engagements. However, it in addition has published several articles that have been false. These included a written report about Air Force pilot resignations, and an article about the arrest of a Marine.

Michael Baxter is the man behind Real Raw News

Michael Baxter is the man behind RealRawNews.com, a website where the writer promotes conspiracy theories. Baxter has other sites and YouTube channels. He claims that his stories are factual, and he has used “unnamed sources” to support them. Baxter’s real name is Michael Tuffin, and he’s 53 years old.

Michael Baxter’s comments on Real Raw News

Real Raw News Home is a website that bills itself as an unbiased publication exploring topics that are not covered by mainstream media. It was founded in late December 2020, and has recently published over 150 articles. These articles regularly receive 1000s of social media engagements, as measured by BuzzSumo, a tool for analyzing online content. One of these articles allegedly made a false claim concerning the resignation of an Air Force pilot. Although this claim wasn’t verified, it did raise a lot more than ten thousand dollars for the site.

Facebook banned ads from Real Raw News stories

The organization, Real Raw News, bills itself as an unbiased news publisher who covers content that mainstream media ignores. Since its launch in December 2019, the web site has published a lot more than 150 articles. Their articles have routinely accumulated 1000s of social media engagements, according to BuzzSumo, a website that tracks audience engagements. The articles are written in the manner of authentic news stories and are usually published in a number of installments.

Google banned ads from Real Raw News stories

Real Raw News is an unbiased website that publishes stories about controversial topics which are often ignored by the mainstream media. Founded late in 2020, the site has since published over 150 articles. The articles have been widely shared on social media and have generated 1000s of engagements. However, an investigation by PolitiFact revealed that the web site is dependant on false information. After PolitiFact’s investigation, Facebook removed the page and Google has banned ads from the website.

Michael Tuffin is the organizer of a GoFundMe

After his eviction from Real Raw News, Michael Tuffin has been busy raising funds for the media outlet’s new home. Tuffin has spoken to the media about the requirement to continue his work and defended his sources’ credibility. He has even created a GoFundMe page to greatly help the network stay afloat. Nevertheless the GoFundMe’s creator and administrator haven’t been identified.

Bill Clinton wasn’t poisoned

According to a PolitiFact investigation published last September, the favorite conspiracy theory website Real Raw News was publishing several false stories. These stories, which frequently have misleading headlines, were produced by a person who previously ran three other conspiracy websites and a YouTube channel. The internet site largely utilizes headlines and doesn’t provide any background on the foundation of the claims.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t arrested in New York by Navy SEALs

An article claiming that Navy SEALs arrested Hillary Clinton in New York on March 2 has been debunked. The content cites an anonymous source in Trump’s orbit who claims that Trump ordered the operation and gave them the “green light.” However, President Trump ceased to be commander-in-chief of the U.S. military when he was inaugurated as vice president. Ever since then, Clinton has continued to look at public events. In reality, she even participated in a live virtual event with Jonathan Capehart on International Women’s Day.

Trump is not a former president

It’s true that every president becomes obsolete after they leave office. Bill Clinton, for instance, wasn’t exactly popular when he left the White House. But Trump has managed to act as though he does not have any responsibilities and is immune to the most common rules of politics. It’s led to him doing almost everything they can to steer clear of the consequences of his actions.

Trump is not a person in the Deep State

It’s common for President Donald Trump to make reference to “the Deep State,” a secretive number of government officials which are bent on thwarting his political agenda. As the term isn’t new, it is gaining ground among government experts and conservatives. Its main supporters include Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, and the conservative movement.

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