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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

by Nathan Zachary

Winter is just around the corner and even though you might plan on hiding your body under those warm layers of clothing, you might want to reconsider your decision. For a body that is fit and toned, you need a regular workout regime. But only exercise won’t help much if you don’t stop gobbling up all the junk you find. There is a need to change your lifestyle as your body matures.

Exercise will only work if you zip your mouth too. If you are looking to book a personal trainer in Dubai, you should first make up your mind. It all begins with strong willpower. Once you achieve that, a healthy body is only some calories and a few months away.

The 10 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

So you’ve finally gained the motivation and are ready to get back in shape. That’s brilliant! Think about what your goal is and how you want to achieve it; through weight training, yoga, Zumba, Pilates, or a combination. If you have been exercising regularly and are not satisfied with the results, it will be a good idea to take help from a professional fitness instructor because of the following reasons.

1: They Are Professionals

Gyms employ trainers based on their education, training, and certifications. This means that they know what they’re doing. They will guide you better regarding nutritional requirements and training methods that will be suitable for you. Would you ever consider getting your teeth cleaned without going to the dentist? No, right? Then why should you work out without the supervision of a trained professional?

2: They Keep You Motivated

You know how hard it is to take a breather when your trainer is watching you. When doing the toughest of exercises, you sometimes feel the urge to give up but that convincing voice in the background telling you “you can do one more rep” will keep you going. That constant push will make you do so much more than you think you are capable of.

3: They Keep You Safe

You are on your own and decide to try out a piece of new equipment at the gym but end up pulling your muscle. Ouch! You need a good personal trainer to keep you safe and assist you with the right techniques to use gym gear and correct all your postures so the exercise you are doing is effective.

4: They Make Customized Plans

If you don’t think you need a personal trainer, you can still go to the gym but chances are your results will be much slower. To hit the right spots with the right exercises, you need to hire a personal instructor. Since each body is different and has different abilities, the same plan won’t work for everyone.  Trainers evaluate the body’s strengths and weaknesses and devise a customized plan for the specific body type keeping in mind any health history that you might have.

5: They Instill a Sense of Responsibility

It’s a Sunday and you feel like lazing around in your tracks and eating up that chocolate that has been lying around in your refrigerator for over a week, but the realization that you have to report to someone will make you forget about the chocolate, push you to get into your activewear and head to the gym instantly. The feeling of being answerable to someone will make you consistent and committed to your plan.

6: They Boost Your Confidence

As you begin training with a professional trainer, your self-esteem gets a big boost. You become more confident as you know someone has got your back. There is always a person to guide you to improve your posture and techniques. This self-assurance makes you execute your workout plans better.  

7: They Can Assist with Recovery

Suppose you have a health condition or have been through some sort of accident that caused you some physical or mental impairment, personal coaches can be your angels in disguise. They can create specific plans to improve your conditions such as chronic backache, arthritis, or knee Injury, and help you to keep working toward your objectives by making the required alterations to your plans.

8: They Help to Avoid Plateaus

You’ve reached a certain point and no matter how much time and effort you put into your fitness routine, results just won’t show. Personal coaches can work around this issue by modifying your plans so you can perform better. They can make your workouts more intensive by adding more reps or weights.

9: They Make It Fun

Certified fitness instructors can make the workout exciting by combining varying techniques and methods into the workout plan. This way, you feel like you have new tasks to accomplish every day.  

10: They Make You Challenge Yourself

If you decide to step ahead to another level of fitness, coaches can devise customized challenging tasks for you. In some cases, instructors get involved by working out with you so you feel competitive and force yourself to do more.

To get the most out of your workout routine, it is essential to hire a personal instructor that can properly guide you. It is a worthwhile investment that you should not hesitate to make.

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