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Reinstalling Apps: Mastering Re-downloads for Improved User Engagement

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Reinstalling Apps: Understanding Re-downloads

What is Re-downloading and Its Importance

Have you thought about app re-downloads and reinstalls? This article explains what they are and how to increase your re-download rate using App Store Optimization (ASO). Let’s start!

What Does Reinstalling or Re-downloading an App Mean?

Reinstalling or re-downloading happens when someone downloads an app, deletes it, and downloads it again. It’s common, with 42% of all app downloads being reinstalled. 98% of users have reinstalled an app at least once!

Statistics revealed these facts:
  • 75% of downloads in some areas are reinstalled.
  • 65% of reinstalls happen through searches.
  • Games are 55% more likely to be redownloaded than other apps.
  • Big companies have 70% of the most redownloaded apps.

Tracking reinstalls helps app makers understand user behavior, identify issues, and know how long users stay away before coming back.

Why Do Users Reinstall Apps?

Reasons for reinstalls include:

  • 20% reinstall because an app crashed, and they hope it will work better.
  • 13% delete an app after getting information, then reinstall it again.
  • 6% accidentally delete and then reinstall an app.
  • 1% reinstall for sales or promotions.

Games are often deleted and reinstalled for entertainment. Users play, get bored, delete, and then re-download later. Other apps are usually for specific needs. For example, someone might download a language app for a trip, delete it afterward, and reinstall it for the next trip.

Tracking Reinstalls for Mobile Apps and Games

To maximize app use, track reinstalls and re-downloads. Use strategies to bring users back. Understand your app’s lifecycle by tracking reinstalls.

Apple’s App Store Connect shows first-time downloads and re-downloads. Google Play doesn’t show reinstalls. Adjust, a third-party program, can track reinstalls on both platforms.

Improving Reinstall Rate with ASO

Use ASO to engage past users and encourage reinstalls. 98% of users have reinstalled an app, so ASO is potent.

ASO Tips:

  • Optimize Your App’s Description: In the Apple App Store and Google Play, write an engaging description. Use statistics, emojis, and humor. Include calls to action.
  • Update the “What’s New” Section: Address past issues here. Show improvements and updates.
  • Improve Your App’s Visual Design: Use screenshots and videos in your listing. Make them bright and engaging.
  • Use Apple Search Ads: Target former users with specific ads in the App Store.


App reinstalls can improve user experience and value. Track them using Apple Store Connect or Adjust. Boost your reinstall rate with effective ASO strategies, including a compelling app description, engaging media, and targeted Apple Search Ads campaigns.

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