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Remarkable ways to use your kraft box for packaging

by Nathan Zachary
Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are one of the smart packaging decisions. They are recyclable and break down easily. So far, switching to eco-safe packaging is the best option. But you cannot simply put your products in them. The reason is that customers demand a package that looks more adorable. For this, you have to work on making their shopping experience memorable. Put some thought into your packaging designs. So, here we present some remarkable yet simple ideas. You can check them out and use any of them, depending on your product and brand needs. 

Add Custom Labels and Stickers to Kraft Boxes

No, doubt printing enhances the box outlook and product value. However, it is not mandatory to print artwork on the boxes to have a refined, elegant effect. Perhaps you’re not ready to settle on just one packaging style for all of your products. Thus, Kraft boxes with labels or stickers are the right option for you. This packaging design saves time and money, as you do not have to pay for premium yet costly printing services. Any kind of business can benefit from a plain Kraft box with a simple label. 

These customised labels or stickers will improve the aesthetic value of your custom Kraft boxes just like the printing. Moreover, it is quite easy to change their design whenever you want. For example, you can have a new sticker each month for your subscription box delivery. A new sticker on Kraft boxes with lids gives it an entirely new appearance. 

Give Customers a Sneak Peak

Kraft food boxes with windows are one of the best ways to package edible products. The window gives the customers a sneak peek at what’s inside. This box design is ideal for bakery items, confectionery and gifts that the customer needs. For example, wholesale Kraft boxes with cut-outs are great if you’re packaging scented products. It’s because the custom cut-outs provide a sensory experience for the buyer. The customers can feel their scent and even touch the products to evaluate their quality. Thus, it makes it becomes easier for them to decide whether to buy that product or not. By facilitating a quicker buying choice, you’ll be able to better serve your customers.

Add Packaging Sleeves

It takes skill to make packaging that looks good and works well. Even the smallest e-commerce sites can do well if they offer something unique, memorable, and of high quality. Using a personalised packaging sleeve is an easy way to show that you care about your company’s brand image. Customers are becoming more interested in how a product is delivered, in addition to how good it is. The Kraft presentation boxes are no longer just used to ship things. These boxes are now walking billboards for your products.

For example, for a clothing brand, you can use similar colours for sleeves to those used in the apparel. Thus, the sleeves around Kraft gift boxes make the plain box more attractive. Moreover, it is quite easier to change the design of the sleeves than to redesign the whole box. More than that, it adds extra protection to the box. 

Focus on Simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Most people also relate simplicity to elegance and luxury. Having a simple design doesn’t mean having plain packages for your products. You can still show your creativity through your packaging. For example, you can have a simple brown box cut out with your logo shape. Plus, you can also add a little splash of colour if you are using Kraft food boxes the UK. However, there are moments when basic, minimalist designs can serve other goals. 

For example, many brands sell fruit and vegetable powders with nutritional supplements. As an alternative to printing elaborate designs, they can use coloured craft boxes. The different coloured cardstock can effectively advertise your goods. For example, a box in yellow colour can be for bananas. They can also have coloured boxes for spinach, broccoli, orange or even beetroot. It’s a clever method to interact visually with customers in a way that makes sense.

Add Some Fun into Kraft Boxes Design 

Do not offer your products in the same old and boring packaging anymore. There are a plethora of possibilities that you put into your Kraft box design. Try to add fun elements to your packaging boxes. Humour and playful prints can help you to build strong emotional bonds with your targeted customers. In the same way that clever designs do, you can find these by comparing and contrasting the shape and colour of various items.

Sometimes a humourous approach can help sell even the most serious of products. For example, a nice warm plate of cookies can bring out the inner child in anyone. You can also have a little fun with your cookie packaging. Now is the right time to skip those typical pink pastry boxes. So, use something far more unique as customised oven-liked boxes for your cookies. 

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Try Creative Box Shapes

No rule says boxes must be cuboid in shape. They’re typically rectangular because they take up less space and can be more easily transported, but it is not compulsory to stick to that design. For example, you can have a prism-shaped packaging concept for your soap brand. Further, if you have a luxury product brand, then you can shape Kraft boxes UK into a Christmas tree. This kind of gift box looks elegant and makes the receiver feel special.


Kraft boxes aren’t just brown boxes anymore. You can make them attractive and more appealing with the help of many tricks. We talked about some cool and fun ways to change up your brown boxes. You can easily use these ideas to design your packaging. So, you can not only get customers excited, but you can also advertise your brand.

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