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Review: 2022 Suzuki Skydrive Crossover, what persuades me to buy?

by Nathan Zachary

Autofun Philippines –  The crossover concept is popular with Pinoy car buyers. They love it for its versatility – versatile utility as an urban vehicle can sometimes handle rougher terrain, maybe even off-road. In two-wheelers, the craze for adventurous motorbikes and scooters is very intense. However, smaller displacement crossovers are rare and the Skydrive Crossover is a unique offering from Suzuki, with a more attractive price than Suzuki Skydrive Sport price Philippines.


The distinctive combination of low seat height and higher ground clearance at 150mm is shared with the Skydrive Sport model. Skydrive Crossover has the same tire size front and rear, but the difference is the tread. Ironically, the latest model has a sportier red brake caliper and front shock absorber. The wide, low floor gives taller drivers a spacious upright seating position and provides plenty of space for passengers. 

The bare handlebars can be adjusted for easier access or to give riders with longer limbs more room to maneuver. I had to adjust the angle of the handlebars forward a few degrees as well as the direction of the brake levers to be able to hold them more comfortably. Since it transforms from a scooter into a mountain bike *ahem*, the rear looks like a regular scooter. 

Unique swingarm and CVT parts reveal that there is a scooter frame underneath the plastic fenders. The front fenders are shaped and mounted high like that of a mountain bike, and the raised handlebars encourage forward elbow posture.


The narrow and firmly padded saddle like a mountain bike makes many people uncomfortable, especially when riding long distances. I sat upright for an hour in traffic jams and another hour in traffic and wet conditions. I found that to be more than enough, not boring at all. However, when driving through the mud, it will be easier for you to move your butt. Crazy Kumembot. If you’re carrying passengers, they’ll sit up straight and can get cramped if their legs are long.

Engine performance

The 113cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine has incredible torque. It can be started with an electric motor or can be started easily. Two valves are responsible for pumping air in and out. Adding a third or fourth valve can make repair and maintenance more hectic but more complex. Who needs that when you’re in the woods and away from a drug dealer or even a peddler? As it is, it’s simple and fuel-efficient. I estimate about 50 kilometers of holiday traffic per liter.

Mounting and handling

It’s a 94kg light scooter and with its powerful engine it glides ahead of intersections. The 740mm low saddle feels like you’re walking instead of sitting in a saddle. It is not too heavy even when the fuel tank under the seat is filled with 3.5 liters of gasoline. Springs are suitable for potholes, I think the fork and fork are a bit too much for my weight.

Powertrain and performance

A few Chinese-made cars I’ve driven before have good powertrain CVs, but their on-road performance is disappointing. So I didn’t expect much. But then I saw the “20T” badge on the trunk that I thought was the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which got me excited… then confused. So, to set the record, I went through the flyer and saw that under the hood was a 1.5-liter, turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine, like the Honda Civic. 

So I got in the driver’s seat and got in the habit of adjusting the mirrors and making sure my vision was still good and the car was in 6th gear. Then, when I reached an empty stretch of road, I hit the gas and for a while nothing really happened. After a moment of hesitation, it sped off with a deep exhaust. So there’s power… but with a certain amount of lag, typical of turbo engines. It gives character to the reader. And it certainly feels faster than anything in its class, hitting 100 km/h in about 7 seconds and hitting a top speed of 210 km/h.

Its balance has similarities with scooters, has a large playability and then gets stronger. That’s a bit of an attraction. It’s annoying for the driving attitude, but what’s important here is good braking performance.

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