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The luxury of rigid boxes wholesale packing has already been enjoyed by everyone who has ever purchased a limited edition bottle of scotch, an iPhone, or even a box of expensive truffles. For a genuinely opulent appearance and feel, rigid boxes are typically produced from plain grey board, die cut, and folded to the customer’s specifications. They are then wrapped in opulent paper. Rigid boxes wholesale are known for their strength; they are durable enough to look nice in a busy retail setting and have the longevity to be used and reused by customers.

While these rigid boxes wholesale are hard in the literal sense, they are surprisingly flexible in terms of finish, giving marketers a tone of room for customization to capture their essence. The possibilities for wrapping, printing, embossing, debossing, foil, magnetic or ribbon closures, and much more are virtually endless with rigid boxes, which come in a wide range of sizes and forms. Rigid boxes wholesale  are extremely versatile and may be made in a variety of shapes, from the typical rectangular and square boxes to tubes, cubes, and even unique ones. The way the top and the body of the box fit together helps us distinguish between the major types.

Is Rigid Box and Set up Box different?

For some products, a rigid Box, also known as a set-up box, is a solid, hard packing option. As its name implies, it has a fixed shape and is constructed of various materials, such as glass and metals. The commonly used paperboard rigid box is covered in leather, fabric, or printed paper. It is created from compressed wood chips and resin.

It is frequently used to package gifts, board games, jewelery, and other high-end goods. For large things, a thicker sheet is employed to provide safety and to endure rough handling; however, its advantages are only applicable to small and medium-sized products. Due to its support and the aesthetic feel it provides, while being a small segment, its demand is rising quickly in the packaging market.


There are some market trends set by good rigid box manufacturers, which might include innovative designs of the rigid boxes wholesale, its printing or its eco-friendly nature, that might end up guaranteeing the fascination of the customers. Here is an elaborate view of such factors:


There is a variety provided by good rigid box manufacturers that give rigid boxes wholesale  their chance and allure. Because customers are tired of the same of packaging designs and are in dire need of some innovative packaging solutions. A hint of this variety and innovation can be seen in rigid box packaging as given below:

Shoulder Box

A slightly smaller tray (referred to as the “neck”) is adhered within the base of a shoulder box to create a “shoulder” that is precisely the same size as the lid. Shoulder boxes feature a base and lid that are the same size. Between the base and the lid, this technique provides a fully flush join. For designs where the images or typography must wrap around the box naturally, it is the best option. Sometimes a longer neck tray is utilized to keep the base and lid from touching; this is known as a “exposed shoulder” and allows for the chance to show a flash of color or printed images for increased visual interest and superlative opening ease.

Book Style Hinged Box

The Book Style box is similar to the Clam-shell box but differs slightly in that the spine panel is typically attached to the base tray. Usually, the tray is smaller than the base and lid, giving the cover the impression of a hardback book when it is closed. These boxes are perfect for the presentation of spirits or deluxe gift bundles for the connoisseur because of their vintage vibe.

Classic Shoe-style Box

This traditional rigid box shape is actually very adaptable and available in a variety of sizes, however, it may be most frequently associated with deluxe shoe manufacturers. The standard display box includes a deep tray and a shallow cover that telescopes snuggly over the rim for a tight fit. These boxes are good for preserving crushable things, serving as presentation boxes for expensive gifts like candles, glassware, or liquor, and are stackable thanks to their excellent compression strength.

Printing Of Rigid Boxes

Every aspect of  custom rigid boxes wholesale, including its size, composition, accessories, and appearance, can be changed. These custom rigid boxes wholesale are frequently used in a variety of sectors. It includes the fashion and garment industry as well as perfume, cosmetics, and jeweler. Rigid setup boxes that are available in a variety of forms, sizes, looks, colors. And printed materials can be used to convey a message. Your brand and its product packaging deserve to stand out with vibrant full-color digital printing. To support your branding efforts, print rigid boxes in full color. To amaze your customers and stand out from the competition, use vibrant artwork, sharp pictures, and eye-catching designs. Your personalized rigid box can be eye-catching and informative. Retail-ready and storage-capable, with embossing, debossing, foil-stamping, digital and silkscreen printing along with a selection of lamination options.

Characteristics Of Sustainability

A popular topic these days is sustainable packaging. When making purchases, consumers are paying more attention to how sustainable products and their packaging are. Consumers are becoming more aware of environmental issues and are interested in environmentally friendly custom rigid boxes. Sustainability refers to the use of recyclable or renewable raw materials in packaging. The smallest carbon impact is produced using environmentally friendly rigid setup boxes wholesale. Lean manufacturing procedures, quick delivery times, and packaging that uses the least amount of material possible are further considerations.

Additionally, the packaging of rigid setup boxes wholesale must be recyclable or reusable. Wood, a renewable resource, is the primary raw material used to make paper, cardboard, and cardboard. They are biodegradable and recyclable multiple times. There was less energy and fresh pulp used in production at greater recycling rates. These are the materials that reputable rigid box manufacturers often utilize when making their rigid boxes. For example, clear rigid plastic boxes wholesale are getting very famous these days. These clear rigid plastic boxes wholesale are very elegant, as well as quite sustainable. 

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