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Which Video Microphone Is Best For You  RØDE VideoMic Comparison

by Nathan Zachary

Rode Video are the ideal on-camera mouthpieces for a tremendous scope of filmmaking applications. From vloggers to proficient videographers, there’s something in the reach to suit everybody’s imaginative requirements. Be that as it may, if you’re a producer, there’s a decent opportunity you’ve been confronted with choosing what mic best suits your specialty – and this can be overwhelming with countless such choices to browse. In the following, we will be taking a gander at our VideoMic range, making sense of each mic, their highlights, and why certain mics may be reasonable for you.


So we don’t continue rehashing the same thing beneath, Rode Video; significantly, all RØDE VideoMics share a few specs and elements. Right off the bat, they all component professional grade Rycote Lyre shock, mounting for lessening dealing with commotion. Practically indestructible, Rycote Lyre won’t ever hang, snap, or break down. The suspension structure is made out of hard-wearing thermoplastic. It is undeniably more successful at limiting undesirable vibrations and taking care of link-borne commotion than standard flexible suspensions. All of the mics accompany classic adornments, such as cabling and quality windshields for keeping in under ideal conditions. And our VideoMics are all assembled involving the best parts in our cutting-edge office in Sydney, Australia, and accompany our industry-eminent guarantee.

With that far removed, we should investigate what makes everyone exceptional and why you could pick one over another.


The VideoMicro is a more miniature on-camera amplifier, ideal for movie producers who should be quick and agile. It is a minor contribution to the VideoMic reach and is the most reasonable.

What Are the Key Features?

Super more minor plan – it weighs only 42g and gauges 80mm long, making it ideal for the run, weapon movie producers, and vloggers, and the sky is the limit.

Cardioid polar example – dissimilar to the remainder of the reach, the VideoMicro highlights a cardioid polar example, making it somewhat less directional than the other VideoMics and conveying a more familiar sound while recording inside.

No battery required – instead, it runs on module power conveyed straightforwardly from your camera or recording gadget (you can peruse more about various kinds of force here).

Completed in high-grade fired enemy of glare dark covering.

How Could You Choose It?

The VideoMicro is the ideal mouthpiece for vloggers, run and firearm producers, and travel videographers – anybody searches for a reduced, lightweight mic that will raise their sound above what most cameras convey. It’s the ideal ally for little DLSRs, compacted cameras like a GoPro, or cell phone rigs. The cardioid polar example likewise makes the VideoMicro a decent choice for producers searching for a good mic that conveys a more open, less directional sound. Most shotgun mics and other video receivers highlight a super-or hyper-cardioid polar example, so the VideoMicro is a valuable expansion to any unit sack.

VideoMic GO

The VideoMicro’s more significant sibling, the VideoMic GO, is one more lightweight choice for vloggers and run and firearm producers. It is additionally genuinely reasonable and dead-easy to work – intended to be prepared to record at whatever point you want.

What Are the Key Features?

• Conservative plan – the VideoMic GO is more significant than the VideoMicro, estimating 167mm long, making it more like a good shotgun mic. This likewise implies it’s somewhat heavier at 73g. However, this is still exceptionally light.

Super-cardioid polar example – conveying a more directional sound picture, zeroing in on sound from the front while dismissing sound from the sides.

No battery required – the VideoMic GO likewise runs on module power from your camera or recording gadget.

No confounded exchanging, making the VideoMic GO exceptionally simple to work.

How Could You Choose It?

The VideoMic GO is an excellent choice for vloggers, run and firearm movie producers, or anybody searching for a straightforward, minimized on-camera mic. Anyway, how could you pick the VideoMic Go over the VideoMicro? The critical distinction is the super-cardioid polar example, which is excellent for recording discourse and circumstances where you need to confine your sound source from diverting foundation commotion. Being longer and marginally heavier, the VideoMic GO may likewise be cumbersome on some more modest camera or cell phone rigs, so assuming you shoot on these configurations, consider picking the Micro. That being said, the more tight directionality of the VideoMic GO makes it more reasonable for use with a boom pole or for recording a voiceover at home, making it an extremely flexible mic in its cost range.

VideoMic GO II

Like the first VideoMic GO, the VideoMic GO II offers superior sound quality while being exceptionally easy to utilize. Yet, it likewise has a few stunts, making it incredibly strong and flexible. It’s super lightweight and loaded with imaginative cutting-edge includes that make it an incredible expansion to each happy makers unit.

What Are the Key Features?

Progressive acoustic plan that conveys unequaled straightforwardness and a rich, full-bodied sound

3.5mm TRS yield for use with cameras and USB-C result for use with cell phones, tablets, and PCs

Super lightweight (only 89 grams) and reduced, making it exceptionally compact and valuable in a wide variety of content creation applications

Unbelievably simple to utilize – fueled by your gadget, meaning no batteries required and no messy switches or controls – plug it in and go

Viable with RØDE applications for getting to cutting edge highlights, robust sound handling, and studio-quality recording on any gadget

How Could You Choose It?

The VideoMic GO II develops the tradition of the first VideoMic GO by taking its well-eminent elements into the future. It has a 3.5mm TRS yield for catching top-notch sound with a camera and a USB yield for stopping straightforwardly into cell phones, tablets, and PCs. It is a very flexible decision for content makers, everything being equal. The VideoMic GO II is likewise viable with the whole RØDE application suite, including RØDE Connect for recording professional quality webcasts and RØDE Central for opening robust DSP while being utilized in USB mode, including a high-pass channel, high-recurrence help cushion, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

VideoMic NTG

The VideoMic NTG is a very adaptable reduced shotgun amplifier that offers a more significant number of elements than other items in its group. In addition to the fact that it is a fantastic on-camera receiver that is great for a wide assortment of filmmaking applications, it likewise has a USB yield for stopping straightforwardly into PCs. This permits the VideoMic NTG to be utilized as a wholly included USB receiver, with earphone result and level control.

What Are the Key Features?

Progressive plan that conveys unrivaled straightforwardness and a characteristic, uncolored sound.

Variable increase control permits you to change the mic’s result from mic level to line level to earphone level.

Auto-detecting 3.5mm result naturally switches among TRS and TRRS

Advanced exchanging – controls high-pass channel, – 20dB cushion, high-recurrence lift, and secure channel.

In-constructed battery-powered lithium-particle battery gives 30+ long stretches of recording. Charges through USB-C in only 2 hours.

Viable with RØDE applications for getting to cutting edge highlights, firm sound handling, and studio-quality recording on any gadget

How Could You Choose It?

The VideoMic NTG is far beyond only an on-camera mic. With its top-notch shock mounting, sliding virus shoe rail, and coordinated link to the executives, it’s impeccably at home on any DSLR or mirrorless camera. But at the same time, it’s light and conservative enough for use with cell phone apparatuses and little cameras and sufficiently rough to be utilized on a blast shaft or single-handed grip. It tends to be involved in a work area as a USB mic.

Whether it’s podcasting, filmmaking, gaming, live streaming, content making – and so on, the VideoMic NTG is a do-everything, Swiss Army Knife mouthpiece that is equipped for dealing with anything tossed at it. The VideoMic NTG is likewise viable with RØDE Connect, a straightforward and robust programming answer for live streaming and podcasting, permitting you to interface up to 4 VideoMic NTGs for a completely fledged podcasting or streaming arrangement. Read more

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