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Salient Features of Tourism in Blue World City, Islamabad

by Nathan Zachary
Blue World City

An Overview of Blue World City

Everybody wishes to live in a serene and calm environment, so we have got you and can complete your wish. The Blue World City is an improved and modern housing scheme that is located at the prime location of Chakri Interchange on Lahore to Islamabad Motorway and between the junction of twin cities Islamabad. In the real estate industry of Pakistan, this housing project brings an investment of billions of dollars, which shows the popularity of this astonishing project. This housing society provides a huge number of profits and developments.

Furthermore, due to its commercial and residential qualities, it has become the center of attention for most investors. The developers have made it a commercial hub in the city of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. On top of all, it has access to Ring road Rawalpindi and M-2 Motorway. That is the reason, this housing project is going to give a large number of profits in return to its investors. So, call us now and book your plots as soon as possible before the booking is closed. 

Prime Location 

The location of any society plays a significant role for investors. So, you do not need to worry at all because this housing society is located at the intersection of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It’s only a few minutes away from Chakri Interchange, New International Airport Islamabad, and M-2 Motorway with Islamabad’s twin cities. Moreover, many other nearby places and access points are available that will make it easy to reach this housing society. 

Tourism Features of Blue World City 

The most crucial thing that makes this housing society the center of attention is the tourism features. The developers have done a lot of hard work by providing the residents with charming and eye-catching features. It has also become a spot for tourists and visitors. They especially come here to visit the below-mentioned places and landmarks. So, the high-level features of this housing scheme are:

Blue World City’s Burj Al Arab 

In the general block of this housing society, the copy of Burj AL-Arab has been designed outstandingly. A large number of designers and architects have worked day and night and delivered the visitors to this amazing building of Burj Al-Arab. Furthermore, it has become the commercial hub and topmost tourism destination in the city of Islamabad. The designers and architects have a motto regarding this building, which is “Bringing Dubai to Pakistan”.

Blue World City’s Water Theme Park

The water theme park of this scheme is one of the projects that have the most magnificent tourism features. It is the best place for children, as well as, for adults. Moreover, it is the most environmentally friendly destination for tourists with the most iconic destinations.  

Sports Complexes for Athletes and Youths 

The developers have developed the sports complexes in such a way that youth and athletes showcase their talents and can get the best services in the best possible way. The coaching academies and stadiums will provide the people with the best coaches and best equipment from all over Pakistan. 

Blue World City’s Blue Mosque

The copy of the Blue Mosque of Turkey is the best and perfect destination feature for tourists and residents. This beautiful piece of architecture shows the vibes of the Ottoman empire’s Islamic civilization and Islamic culture. So, that’s the best reason for you to start your investment in this mesmerizing housing project. 

Blue World City’s Forces Cadet College

The Forces Cadet College in this housing society has been built for the students and all the residents of this housing scheme and nearby residents can easily apply to this Cadet college for getting the best kind of education. Furthermore, admissions to this college are open, you can apply right now. This Cadet College has been built in association with the forces and high-tech institutes and they provide the students with every opportunity that can increase the standard of their careers. 

Blue World City is considered the best housing society that provides education facilities of every kind, and most importantly, the best curriculum opportunities are provided. In the presence of foreign instructors and professional local faculty, the students are trained in a healthy and useful environment.

Contact Number & Website 

To get discounted plots in Blue World City, you need to contact us in this regard. You can give us a call or write an email anytime, we will offer you a plot rate with discounted prices. So, choose us and protect your future!

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