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Salon insurance company with the highest rating

by Nathan Zachary
Salon insurance

Hairdressing is not an easy job to do. It is also a love for some people for quite some time now. You saved until you finally managed to open a salon all your own. You work for hours to find the right stylists and you build up regular clients who came back regularly to their favorite shop.

One day, this person decides to leave taking a lot of your clients with them. You feed them well but obviously, that did not seem to matter. It leaves you shattered and you wonder if there is anything you can do to cover yourself from this ever occurring again. We can help you in this situation if you have a hair salon insurance policy with us and have included the relevant wording in the stylist’s employment contract, our legal expenses cover will cover your legal fees to sue them for violation of the contract.

Buy your hair salon insurance from simple insurance solution

We provide cover for a large range of treatments in the hairdressing market. You will be covered in the event that a treatment you provide causes damage, injury, or illness such as a reaction to the color treatment of hair. You will be covered for all treatments.

With simple insurance solution, you can get the following benefits

  • With our business, you can customize your cover to meet your beauty business, quickly and easily
  • Customize your cover with contents insurance, public liability cover, indemnity cover, and more
  • With cover for legal expenses, you will get access to a free legal and tax helpline
  • Gives you the freedom to change your cover as your business flourishes

Do salons need insurance?

Salon insurance is important for any hair salon. Without insurance, you might be left to pay the bills in the event of any damage or loss to your property or any compensation claim made against you. 

It does not just claim for compensation, what would happen if your hair salon was destroyed by fire and was not able to work? The bill for replacing all your fittings, fixtures, stock, and equipment could be massive, not to mention your loss of profits for the time you were not able to trade. Here, your hair salon insurance could come to save you.

We give you the freedom to style your insurance to suit your requirements. You can choose covers to build an insurance policy that covers your business, and your employees if you have any special equipment. If you are not properly covered, it could be a huge blow to your beauty business particularly when the protection you need is less expensive than you might think.

What type of insurance does a hair salon need?

There can be many different kinds of insurance required by salons such as:

Property insurance

It covers your business property. It covers your shop and its contents such as the fittings and fixtures, your business tools, and stock against accidental damage or loss due to theft.

Public liability insurance

It is similar to an employer’s liability insurance, however, it covers claims made by third parties rather than your employees. It is legally not needed but you need it as some compensation claims can cost a lot.

The standard cover only protects you for claims involving damage or an injury, so you should ensure that you have a financial loss cover extension so you are covered if a claim for an economic loss is made against you.

  • You can get a cover on its own or associate it with any of our other covers
  • Whether you are a tradesperson, a professional, or a retailer, we will provide you with the cover you need
  • You can pay for your insurance policy in a way that fits your budget with the options to pay in monthly installments or in full

Public liability insurance covers claims from all third parties such as clients, customers, and the general public. It will also protect you against accidental damage, injury, or damage to the property.

Employer’s liability insurance

This covers compensation claims against you by your employees. It is needed if you employ anyone. As well as covering any compensation awarded it also covers any associated expenses and costs. Your insurance provider will help you cover any legal expenses involved in the claim.

It protects anyone your business is liable for such as employees, trainees, and volunteers. It covers employees who have been accidentally injured or become ill as a result of working for your business.

Products liability insurance

Rather than covering claims made by people who declare that something you have either done or failed to do so has resulted in them being injured or their property being damaged, product liability insurance covers claims appearing out of flaws in any products that you have supplied or sold.

Personal accident insurance

This sort of insurance saves your income if you are not able to work because you are injured or ill. A weekly advantage is paid while you are off work, and a lump sum is payable if you are not able to return to work.

Legal expense insurance

This covers your legal fees if you are involved in an accident. Your legal expenses insurance provider will also be able to find you to deal with the legal action.

Treatment risk cover

The public liability insurance in a business insurance package excludes compensation claims arising out of professional acts. This means claims arising out of hairdressing would not be covered.

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