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San Diego General Contractors: Top 5 Things to Look For

by Nathan Zachary
San Diego General Contractors

Selecting one of the best San Diego General Contractors, like Diori Design, is a crucial first step in the planning process as you prepare for your next home improvement project. Make sure to check their work ethics and standard in advance, and specify in writing the tasks you want to get completed and the project’s parameters. Also, find out if the contractor is duly registered and insured. It’s the most essential criterion from your safety point of view during construction.

The top 5 suggestions for choosing a San Diego general contractor include:

1. Obtain Multiple Quotes

Get written quotes from not less than three contractors after speaking with several of them. When you receive bulk estimates, make sure you’re assessing the contractors’ profiles who are engaged in the similar projects that you want to execute. Examine the building materials, construction techniques, schedules, and other elements that may differ from one contractor to another. Be careful about figures that are excessively high or low.

2. Check the Feasibility of employing Local Certified Contractors

Local contractors are conveniently accessible if any work-related issues arise in the future. They are supposed to be knowledgeable about local building codes. Request the contractor’s physical address for verification.

3. Verify Records

How did they perform their previous work? Do they have expertise like an assignment for the project in question? Confirm testimonials to learn more about the company’s products, craftsmanship, and customer service excellence.

It is necessary to find out about their professional standing and check whether they have an affiliation with the BBB. Also, it is always advisable to hire a general contractor who has at least worked for five years.

4. Take Your Time to Make a Sensible decision

Get several quotes before choosing as mentioned before. You shouldn’t feel compelled to decide right away, especially when it comes to signing a contract. When asked to make a sizable upfront deposit, proceed with caution. Take the time to go through all clauses of the contract and clarify your doubts, if any. Ask your neighbors, relatives, or friends if they have ever encountered issues when working with a San Diego general contractor. Are the contractors available for any emergency repairs out of the way?

5. Examine Insurance and Bonding

Verify the contractor’s insurance and bonding details. Request a certificate of insurance (COI) from the general contractor, which should contain:

  • The name of the insurer
  • The policy number, and the policy limits.
  • Check whether the policy is still in force and also confirm the coverage of the said policy. 

In this context, you can get in touch with the insurer directly. Refrain from dealing with contractors who fail to produce necessary policy papers. Otherwise, the onus will be yours to indemnify the workers for incidents that may take place on your construction site if the contractor is not appropriately insured.


A single folder should contain the agreement and all associated documentation. Any modification orders, blueprints, specifications, invoices, canceled checks, insurance certificates, notes, or relevant correspondences with your general contractor should also be tagged in your project-related file. These are a few important suggestions that will work wonders for any potential San Diego homeowner. Besides, you may revert to Diori Design for any further suggestions. Their technical representatives are capable enough to inspect your property and come up with a remodeling plan that should match your ideas.

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