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Do You Have To Sand Floors Before Polyurethane?

by Nathan Zachary
Sand Floors

Wood or timber floors require floor sanding and polishing. Sanding makes the floor smooth and shiny. Moreover, it makes the floor clear from any wear and tear. Wood floor is easy to maintain and durable. Therefore, many people choose this type of flooring. It also makes the place look modern and enhanced. But it requires time-to-time maintenance. So, people do different methods to clean floors via DIY methods and hiring professional cleaners. They sand and polish the vinyl floor using machines and chemicals. However, this process happens once a month because it impacts the durability of floors.

Some people use polyurethane on the vinyl floor because it helps to maintain the floor easily. With this, it becomes easy for people to remove stains and dust from the floor. However, most people do not know whether to sand floors before applying polyurethane or not. So, here you go with the complete details.

 Why use polyurethane?

In order to make the floor smooth, finest and adhere more readily, polyurethane smooths it out and slightly roughs it up. Additionally, polishing gets rid of subtle shading, cracks, and uneven areas. As polyurethane made from water is thinner, this is extremely important.

Water soluble polyurethane is harder to apply since it is less flexible, especially for new refinishers, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers. If you’re using water-based materials, hiring a professional is even more essential.

Make sure to follow the instructions when you apply water-based polyurethane:

  • Do not use steel wool for floor sanding in Perth.
  • Apply a thin coat of paint to make the surface smooth.
  • Use a water-based applicator as it is required for water-based polyurethane.

If you want a very thin coating of oil-based polyurethane, use a polyester paint sponge instead of a steel wool applicator. While wind will accelerate drying, it is better to restrict airflow to prevent dust, grime, bugs, and carpet threads out of the fresh surface.

Make your vinyl floor look new

Moisture spots, scratches, dryness, and whole regions worn bare by pedestrian traffic are all indications that the floor needs to be refinished. Traditionally, this meant polishing the wood down to its raw state, which is messy, time-consuming, and potentially harmful if not done correctly. While some floors require this amount of attention, screening can benefit many more.

Recoat and sand/ screen vinyl floor

Screens are clutter sanding circles. Screening is done with a 17.3-inch floor polisher, which works like a giant rotating sander. It is not as powerful as a drum sander and does not require much energy to use. The weight of the floor sander and a synthesised device holds the screen in place.

Sanding fades the floor finishing without damaging the wood therefore, you should use polyurethane because;

  • Make the floor look the finest
  • It is non-penetrating plastic which makes the floor look shine
  • Help to maintain the floor easily.

When the floor gets a lot of dirt and grim, sanding must be necessary, then polish it to make the floor look refined.

Reason to the sand floor before applying polyurethane

Make the floor splinter-free

Most wood has rough edges that could create splinters. Furthermore, the finishes are unequal and have flaws. Furthermore, it makes polyurethane adhering to the floor more difficult. To keep them in good condition, sand the wood surface. You can’t expect to sell an item if it splinters the buyer!

Make the surface smooth

Sanding is required to smooth the surface of the timber. This improves the look of your work and draws attention to the quality of the woods. As a result, items that have been appropriately sanded are more desirable to buyers.

You want to get rid of milling marks in particular. The image depicts milling markings on the wood. A revolving blade or a cutting surface can be used to create them. Machines, wooden surfacers, shapers, and other similar tools are used to produce them. 

Polyurethane only sticks to the floor if the inner surface is smooth. And polyurethane is especially used for bathroom vinyl flooring because water can damage the floor which is why plastic covers the wood and doesn’t let water get in. 

Makes the floor last longer

With the best vinyl floor polishing in Perth, you can make the floor last longer. The wood flooring is stunning. However, they may be rather costly, so once you have them, you don’t want to have to replace them. As a result, you use the best methods for floor sanding and polishing.

The nicest thing about solid wood flooring is that they can be resanded and polished several times to keep them looking new and attractive for decades! Furthermore, floor sanding and polishing are significantly less expensive than replacing old flooring.

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