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SAP Evaluation near me | DOT Qualified SAP

by Nathan Zachary
SAP Evaluation near me

Failing or rejecting a required SAP Evaluation near me Department Of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol test can be difficult not only for employees but also for employers. Employees will have to be suspended from safety-related work which could lead to employers being understaffed. After a failed test, there is a process set up by the Department of Transportation that employees must go through before returning to safety-related duties. All employers entrusted by the DOT are obligated to comply with federal law. Entry into the reinstatement process begins with an (Substance Abuse Professional) SAP Evaluation near me.

This first step puts employees on the right path back to work. An SAP Evaluation is harmless and very easy to complete in a timely manner. The substance abuse professional conducts the assessment and creates a plan that may include education and treatment. After the assessment is complete a report will be made containing any information obtained during the assessment and recommendations for the patient.

The employer will also receive recommendations on how to monitor your progress as you complete the plan. Finally, at the end of the treatment, you will meet with your evaluator in person for a follow-up assessment. This allows the SAP Evaluation near me to determine if you are truly eligible for return to duty status. At this point, the employer must carry out their own drug tests as part of the recovery process. If the test result is negative, the employer can return the employee to a safety-related job.

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Workers returning to work after drug and/or alcohol testing are required to undergo follow-up testing during the next twelve-month employment period. Regulations require substance abuse professionals to perform at least 6 spot checks in a 12-month period; however, they can choose to request any number of unannounced tests over a 60-month period if there is any suspicion that potential violations have occurred repeatedly.

SAP Evaluation provides Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) services at over 5000 sites across the United States, including all 50 states and Puerto Rico. OUR national SAP Evaluation near me Network employs fully certified SAPs to conduct assessments for DOT required safety-sensitive personnel who have violated DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements. We will locate a SAP Evaluation near you after you join. DOT also provides remote evaluation instructions during COVID-19 to assure your safety.

If you are an employee who has failed or denied a DOT drug/alcohol test or has another infraction, the first step toward getting back to work is to identify a DOT qualified SAP. We have certified SAPs ready to assist you with the DOT return-to-duty procedure, also known as the SAP referral program. Working with us ensures that your SAP is DOT compliant. Before executing a DOT SAP exam, We conducts regular credentialing evaluations to ensure that each SAP has up-to-date credentials. Furthermore, our case managers help our SAPS by assuring clinical integrity and DOT compliance. Contact us at 800-683-7745 to enroll in a SAP Evaluation near me now. We make every effort to book appointments within a few days of receiving them.

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