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Sarawak Black Pepper Powder: All The Way From Malaysia

by Nathan Zachary
Sarawak Black Pepper Powder: All The Way From Malaysia

Where does Sarawak black pepper for sale come from? The Sarawak black pepper powder has been one of the finest peppers in the world since 1840. 

The black pepper Sarawak owes its name to its origin. The pepper is grown in the Malaysian state of Sarawak in the north of the island of Borneo. Black and white pepper have been cultivated in the mountains since the 19th century. Today, pepper cultivation in the region is an essential source of income.

The palatable use of Sarawak black pepper powder

Apart from salt, no other spice is used as frequently as black pepper. What many people don’t know, however, is that Sarawak black pepper powder has long been considered a remedy and has numerous health benefits.

How is black pepper Sarawak different from other types of pepper?

Black pepper, red pepper, white pepper – comes from the pepper bush. Whether white, green, red or black pepper – all come from the same plant species, the pepper bush (Piper nigrum). Depending on the harvest time and further processing, the peppercorns get their specific colour.

For the black pepper Sarawak, the unripe, green peppercorns are harvested and stored in heaps for a few days. The grains are then dried in the sun. The types of pepper differ in appearance and the degree of sharpness, taste and composition of their components. Black pepper is the hottest and has the highest levels of pipeline.

Sarawak black pepper powder used in the kitchen

From sweet to savoury – pepper goes well with almost every dish. So it is not surprising that it is the second most-used spice in any cuisine after salt. At least one type of pepper is included in numerous spice mixtures.

The Sarawak black pepper powder has a particularly hot aroma and a light citrus note. On the other hand, white pepper is less aromatic and fruity, while green pepper is mild and has a soft herbal note. Due to its perishability, the fully ripe red pepper is rarely eaten in this country.

Black pepper Sarawak – the essential active ingredients

Pepper contains over 200 different components. From a medical perspective, the alkaloid piperine is the most interesting. Numerous health-promoting effects are attributed to this ingredient. The traditional areas of application range from colds and flu to digestive problems and diabetes to rheumatic diseases and muscle pain.

Recent studies have demonstrated its digestive, antidiabetic, anticarcinogenic and antiasthmatic effects, among other things. Also, it is scientifically proven that piperine also promotes the absorption of nutrients.

 5 Benefits of Sarawak black pepper for sale

It is a condiment that is usually used for cooking. It makes dishes taste better, and thanks to the great seasoning it provides, people who consume it have better health since it allows for medicinal benefits.

Sarawak black pepper powder adds a delicious flavor to your meals, but it can also help you lose weight, improve digestion, relieve coughs and colds, speed up metabolism, and treat skin problems. 

  1. Antioxidant: Black pepper protects against the degenerative action of free radicals, responsible for most diseases caused by modern life’s environmental and nutritional effects.
  • Pro meds: They can increase the bioavailability of a series of therapeutic drugs by improving their absorption and influencing metabolic activity in the liver, thanks to its enzymes.
  • Immune system: This seasoning can stimulate its functioning, increasing the proliferation of cells known as splenocytes, responsible for releasing immune substances.
  • Pigmentation: The piperine in pepper has also been shown to promote skin pigmentation. Therefore, it becomes a valuable help for people affected by vitiligo.
  • Lose weight: Sarawak black pepper powder, like red, has a strong thermogenic effect on the human body. That is, it increases caloric expenditure by increasing basal metabolism.

Now you know, give a little of Sarawak black pepper powder seasoning to your dishes, and you will benefit from its unique flavor. Your health and your palate will thank you.

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