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Segway UK: An idea with a vision for the future

by Nathan Zachary
segway uk

The company was found in 1999 by Dean Kamen, whose idea for the new transport device came from his early work on a motorize wheelchair design to climb stairs. Originally called the “Segway Human Transporter”. The invention of the vehicle with the two wheels lying on the same axis and the electronic drive control, with which you have to keep your balance yourself, quickly became public knowledge and thousands of orders were placed worldwide. Breaking new ground: The vehicle allowed users to ride vertically on a small platform and change speed and direction just by shifting their balance and using the handlebars.

Quiet, environmentally friendly, hardly bigger than a beer crate

The Segway UK drives through the city at up to 38 kilometers per hour with zero emissions and is only accompanied by an excited hum. It transports a person on a footprint that is hardly larger than a beer crate. To do this, he uses the principle of dynamic stabilization. The main characteristic feature of the vehicle is two wheels that connect to an axle. Sensors register the driver’s body position. If he leans forward, he drives off. The vehicle stops in an upright position. The intelligent system prevents it from tipping over. All of this makes the Segway UK a valuable alternative to fuel-based vehicles.


University has investigated whether and when it is worth using a Segway PT on campus and in company traffic. They also drew conclusions for use in public spaces: the vehicle offers clear advantages over cars and cargo bikes over short distances with many obstacles. This makes it interesting for patrolling security forces, but also for providers of city tours. Because that’s what the Segway PT is too: a democratic vehicle that ensures that everyone can travel at the same speed in groups.

Wheelchairs with Segway technology are a great asset

Wheelchair users still benefit from Segway technology today. For them, the Segway is available in a seat variant, and in it they are much more maneuverable than with a normal electric wheelchair since the single-axle vehicle can turn on the spot. The vehicles are also much smaller with their two wheels and the passengers sit higher and can thus more easily get in touch with their fellow human beings. The only requirement is that you must be able to control your upper body in order to be able to drive the wheelchair with dynamic stabilization.

Segway PT

Most people who have ever stood on a Segway PT impress. How easy it is to ride. For them, the Segway has been a good ambassador for e-mobility. There were hardly any serious accidents – but some well-documented slapstick interludes. One of them starred an American President. One incline to award additional entertainment points to the vehicle for this.

Anyone who manages to evade the effect of finding something embarrassing because others say it is embarrassing sees the Segway PT for what it is – or was: an innovation. It a pity that he was so seldom given this honor.

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