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SEO Smart Facts that Will Make you Sit up and Take Note!

by Nathan Zachary

SEO strategies form the backbone on which digital marketing strategies make their framework! You must begin by engaging a Long Island SEO company for enhancing the visibility of your website. Web designing skills will only matter when your website link ranks high on search engines and gets noticed. There is no point in spending on top-class web designing if the website does not show up in search engine rankings. Read through these intriguing facts about SEO strategies! 

Intriguing Facts about SEO

  1. 75% of SEO is Off-Page: Believe it or not, when you are putting in all your efforts to create a fresh piece of content for your site, all the on-page efforts that you put in will only account for 25% of search engine ranking factors. The balance of 75% is off-page! That’s where you need to put in all your efforts. Off-page would mean things like establishing backlinks from reputed websites that can establish working links with the content piece and so on. 
  2. The Average Content-Length is 1477 words: If you check with webpages that rank handsomely on search engines like Google, you will notice that they all carry longish high-quality content material! People tend to spend more time on such content, it carries more value and is also shared more rampantly as compared to shorter content pieces. So, if you wish to make it to the list of top 10 rankers for the specific keyword you have targeted, you need to aim for about 1500 to 2000 words. Also make sure the content is high quality, provides the required information, engages, and is error-free! 
  3. As Many as 40% of Users will be Erred by Slow Loading Speed: Startling but true, 4 out of every 10 visitors will abandon a website if it does not load within 3 or a maximum of 4 seconds! 47% of visitors expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less! Staggering as these figures maybe when you think about these timelines in today’s context you will understand that everything around us is happening at jet speed! Everything can be achieved in a jiffy! When it comes to the online world, people have more choices than ever before. Instead of being abhorrent about this impatience, one needs to embrace it! You need to invest in developing a homepage that loads at record speed. That way, your bounce rates will be reduced, and you will have happy visitors! 
  4. A Mobile Friendly Website is a Must: Just look around any public place and you will know exactly how important mobile phones or portable computing devices are! Therefore, major search engines like Google will expect your website to be mobile-friendly. You must engage “SEO services near me” for creating a mobile screen compatible, search engine optimized website

Whenever you concentrate on different aspects of website designing, make sure you concentrate on usability. Visitors focus more on the nature of their experiences rather than the information they gather from the site! The experience should be guaranteed by a specialist service provider for website design in Elizabeth, NJ

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