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Seven Sensible Tips for Dulhan Makeup in Patna

by Nathan Zachary

Wedding makeup is different from regular makeup in that you want it to, among other things, last through hours of kissing and dancing without drawing attention to itself. What wedding-specific advice and insider information do bridal makeup, experts, vouch for?

Don’t use cream products

For ease of application, creamy blushes, eyeliners, and eyeshadows are preferred, but they’re not the best options for a wedding because they tend to absorb into the skin over time and lose their brilliance. The choice with the longest lifespan? powdered eyeliner, pencil, or long-wearing gel eyeliner.

Let one aspect stand out

Even though it’s commonplace to apply gloss and glow to your entire face these days, this traditional cosmetic rule is still a wise one to observe on your wedding day. Pick one feature to utilize shine on and keep the rest of your face fairly matte to prevent seeming too shiny or dazzling (particularly if getting married outside during the day). In order to avoid looking too glossy, select a transparent, semi-matte lip colour if your eyeshadow has glitter to it. Go for the best Dulhan Makeup in Patna.

Start with your eyes

No matter how carefully you blend liner and shadow, they always seem to fall across your cheeks. Therefore, for an exceptionally exact wedding-day appearance, start with your eyes, use a wet tissue to wipe your cheeks and under-eye area clean, then apply concealer and foundation.

Curl your eyelashes

Makeup artists believe that since synthetic eyelashes can easily look too fake, they should be left to professionals. Additionally, using a good lash curler and applying some black mascara can create equally gorgeous lashes. The secret is to curl your lashes after they are completely dry, not right after washing and moisturizing your face. So, search for the best artists for Dulhan Makeup in Patna.

Apply the moisturizer sparingly

It may be tempting to apply more moisturizer than usual in an effort to give your skin a more radiant appearance on your wedding day, but doing so is more likely to prevent your foundation from adhering evenly.

Examine your neck

A white dress with a high neckline might draw attention to skin tone irregularities, which will also stand out in pictures. Make sure your face, neck, and décolletage are all the same colour before applying foundation (sometimes your neck will be paler since the sun hits it less directly). By applying bronzer to the areas that haven’t received as much sun, you can also even things out.

Use your regular products and colours without fear

Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean you have to completely revamp your cosmetic look. Why take the chance of using a completely new palette for such a significant event when you’ve probably already discovered many of the products and colours that make you look you’re most beautiful?

Look for the experienced and Best Makeup Artist in Patna.

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