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Seven Unique And Entertaining Activities In Adelaide

by Nathan Zachary

Adelaide is well-known for several things across the world. Its wine, historical museums, exciting festivals, natural panoramas, Adelaide Oval (one of the most gorgeous sporting venues), wildlife, and natural vistas… Did we also mention wine? However, in addition to these well-known tourist attractions, this bustling metropolis also provides an abundance of unexpected excursions. Spare a day to try out these unusual and entertaining activities, and you’ll be glad you did, once you’ve completed the necessary Adelaide tourist itinerary and seen all the major attractions. Using this list, you may rent a campervan in Adelaide and explore the city like never before.

Seven Unique And Entertaining Activities To Do On A Trip To Adelaide

1. Quirky Bars

When one considers Adelaide and alcoholic beverages, only wine comes to mind. However, if you believe Adelaide is exclusively about exquisite wine and dining, you are in for a pleasant surprise! This vivacious city is home to a myriad of exciting and eccentric pubs that are worth exploring. The Sorcerer’s Bar (themed by Harry Potter), Holey Moley (a golf club with several drinks), and Maybe Mae (an art-deco-inspired cocktail den) are just a handful of Adelaide’s many eccentric bars.

2. Bbq Buoy

Have you ever grilled in the middle of a lake? Attempt it in Adelaide. Adelaide’s BBQ Buoy is a one-of-a-kind experience. Gather your friends and family for a boat picnic with your preferred food and beverages. These are not your average boats. They include a built-in grill, a table, a sun canopy, Bluetooth speakers, etc. The greatest feature of these boats is that there is no size restriction. There are possibilities for groups ranging in size from 3 to 38.

3. Go On A Ghost Hunt

If spooky things pique your attention, then you will like this unique journey! The ghost tours of Adelaide take you to haunted locales. There are no tricks or setups, simply genuine paranormal encounters. You are taken on trips to some of South Australia’s most haunted locations, and you even get to use the equipment! If you are not a fan of ghosts but are interested in history, several tour operators provide tailored history trips.

4. Hike Atop Mount Lofty

These mountain ranges, including the beautiful Mount Lofty, which stands 727 meters above sea level, provide panoramic views of the city. It is a refuge for nature enthusiasts and campers with its vibrant trees, calming winds, and enthralling views. If you rent a motorhome in Adelaide, several camping sites around Mount Lofty allow you to spend quality time with your family in nature.

5. Shout Into The Wall

This wall within the Barossa Reservoir is more than 110 years old. However, age is not its only notable characteristic. Its musical talent has left many in amazement and astonishment. When you say anything on one side of the wall, your friend may hear it 140 meters away on the opposing side. In addition to this magnificent building, Barrosa is home to several additional attractions. Also available for exploration are the Barossa Valley, adjacent wineries, and picturesque towns.

6. Gilles Street Market

Visiting a city’s lively outdoor market is the best way to see its raw authenticity. Gilles Street Market occurs once a month in Adelaide and is recognized as the greatest fashion exhibition. Over ninety stalls provide an extensive assortment of retro fashion shoes, accessories, and other items. In addition to the fashion show, there will be live music and a food and drink stand. The Gilles market is a “must-do” activity for first-time visitors to Adelaide.

7. Take A Spin On A Segway

Segway tours provide a fun alternative to conventional sightseeing tours. Following completion of the required training, the guided portion of the trip commences. The journey begins on a river path with breathtaking views of the Adelaide waterfront. Include additional significant attractions such as Glenelg Jetty, Patawalonga Creek, Boat Docks, and Boat Marina in your description. You end the day in Glenelg Beach, admiring the magnificent views of golden sand and the aquamarine ocean.

Wrapping Up

In Adelaide, there is something for everyone, whether they are nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, architecture enthusiasts, or beach bums. We hope that our assortment of unique activities will make your trip memorable. Hire a campervan in Adelaide from Australian Backpackers and explore this magnificent city without time limits or hotel reservations.

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