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Simple & Quick Networking Tips for the Freelancer

by Nathan Zachary

We operate in networks.  We function in units for connecting, communicating, and interacting with others. Networking may be “natural” to some but it is “normal” to all.  You are constantly networking, whether you know it or not.  As freelancer tips, it is so important to understand, value, and strategically use networking to its maximum potential.  A lot of times, freelancers know they must network, but probably don’t understand the importance or effects of good networking strategies.  

Networking offers a plethora of benefits from fostering quality relationships, cultivating leads, and attracting customers.  Also, did you know that networking can improve your interpersonal skills in regard to professional development?  You can use it to build your personal brand, strengthen your communication skills (both verbal and nonverbal), enhance your etiquette, and develop your skills and abilities.

In the following four sections, I intend to not only get you excited about networking but offer great tips for creatively and strategically using it to build your freelancer tips careers/businesses.

Connect More

In the process of networking, one of your main goals should be to build relationships.  At events, meetings, conferences, and functions learn about your business counterparts.  Ask engaging, open-ended questions which can uncover commonalities, shared interests, similar backgrounds, or common freelance guide goals.  Do not be so quick to sell or self-promote.  Instead, be a dynamic and active listener and contributor.

Here are a few questions to start the relationship-building process:

  1. What do you like the most about your work?
  2. What do you value in your top clients/customers?
  3. What was the latest publication you read?
  4. How do you engage with others on social media?
  5. What are your passions/interests?

I Love Leads

Once you have spent time developing a relationship and built trust and credibility, gauge or create an opportunity to ask for leads.  Here are some steps for properly asking for leads:

  1. Be able to explain your service in a clear, concise, and professional manner.
  2. Make your counterpart aware of your target audience or selling goals.
  3. Apprise your counterpart of the benefits of using your service.
  4. Be able to differentiate your brand and service offerings.
  5. Use understanding and etiquette when making your request.

Attracting Customers

Do your due diligence.  Do research on your potential customers and select networking events that they are most likely to attend.  Consider reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues to gain additional support and direction.  Join formal networking groups or meetups to connect with niche markets in your local area or online for a larger reach.

Professional Development

In my points above, I shared how networking can improve your interpersonal skills.  It is absolutely true and many times overlooked or undervalued.  If you are attending events, a member of an organization, or meeting people on a frequent basis, here are some of the skills you are acquiring:

  1. Learning how to be prepared and productive at events.
  2. Being comfortable meeting new people / stepping out of your comfort zone.
  3. Developing listening skills and other communication skills.
  4. Using etiquette to make a good first impression.
  5. Communicating your brand, services, and marketing on a consistent basis.
  6. Following up to show professionalism, build trust and show accountability.

Follow these simple and strategic tips for connecting, generating leads, attracting customers, and personal development as you move forward in your networking endeavors.

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