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Best Elixir Developers: Skills You Need to Learn

by Nathan Zachary
Best Elixir Developers Skills

Nowadays, there is a new language popping up everywhere in our tech stack. Sounds like marketing, but that’s pretty much how it feels. Every week, someone publishes an article comparing Elixir to another programming language; every web framework mentions it as one of the main pillars of DevOps and microservices architecture.

Have you ever wondered what the best Elixir developers are saying or thinking? This article gives you five top developers’ points of view, including skills they learned in emerging technologies. You’ll also find the reasons why we should learn them.

Introduction to Elixir

Elixir is a modern functional programming language that runs on the Erlang virtual machine (VM). Compared to other VMs, Erlang has the unique advantage of being able to handle a lot of concurrencies and it comes with paradigm shifts which enables you to tackle complex challenges with elegance.

The Elixir programming language is a powerful and elegant tool for creating highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications. It’s quickly becoming a favorite among developers who want to build high-performance systems. In 2018 it was the fastest-growing language on StackOverflow with a growth rate of more than 100%.

But before you can start building Elixir applications, you need to learn the skills of the best Elixir developers. And then, when it comes time to tackle real-world projects, there are some additional skills you should have under your belt.

Skills of the Best Elixir Developers – What to Learn Here?

Because Elixir is so new, it is a bit intimidating to learn. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a genius!

To start learning Elixir, you’ll need to know the basics of programming—functions, variables, classes—and how to use them in different languages. If you’ve been coding for a while and have worked with Ruby or Python before, then you’re probably ready for Elixir.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the skills of experienced Elixir Developers to kick off with learning Elixir language today!

  1. Pattern Matching Techniques

Pattern matching is a way of deconstructing data structures containing other data structures. You can use pattern matching to extract the values inside of your data structure and then manipulate or use them however you want. You can also use pattern matching to filter out data based on certain criteria.

Data structures is use by programmers to manipulate data efficiently while writing programs in any language such as Python or Ruby, but they’re especially useful for Elixir developers.

  1. Recursion Technique

Recursion allows you to solve problems using loops instead of while or for loops. This allows you to avoid nesting and increases readability when solving problems using loops. You’ll find that many Elixir functions have recursive calls in them because they’re so easy to write!

  1. Experience in Functional Programming

Functional programming uses functions as first-class citizens, which means that they can be pass around like variables and treat just like any other value in your codebase! This makes it easier for Elixir developers to build scalable applications.

  1. Expertise in Erlang

The Erlang Virtual Machine runs on every node in an Elixir cluster. It provides fault tolerance so that when one node goes down, the rest of the cluster continues to function normally. This is one of the most basic skills of experienced Elixir developers that can go a long way.

  1. Ability to Work with Distributed Systems

This is one of the most important skills that you need to have as an Elixir developer. You have to work with distribute systems, which means that you have to know how these systems work

  1. Know How of Tools and Libraries

Elixir offers its own set of extensive libraries and frameworks. To work with these tools, you’ll need to learn how they’re used in conjunction with Elixir applications.

  1. Ability to Test the Applications Thoroughly

Testing is also one of the most important skill of an experience Elixir developers because it helps them to ensure that their applications work as we expect and do not break down during production use or when changes are introduce to them.

As an Elixir Developer, unit testing is a key part of keeping your code running smoothly and preventing bugs from sneaking in. Unit testing is also an essential part of writing reliable Elixir code. With unit tests, you can be sure that your code will always function as intended—even if you change something in the future!

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

Most Important! One thing that sets apart the best Elixir developers from good ones is communication skills. Communication is key to working well with other programmers, who may have different ideas about how best to implement certain features or solve problems within the team.


Choosing the best programming language isn’t easy, especially when there are so many to choose from in the modern world. To sum it all up, Elixir is a dynamic language that supports metaprogramming, functional programming, and interactive scripting. It supports seamless concurrency and helps programmers to get the job faster by streamlining the development process. 

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