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Sondai Fort Trek: All you need to know your Trek

by Nathan Zachary
Sondai fort trek

The Sondai Fort trek was built so that it could act as a watchtower for surveillance of near areas. It gets its name because of the presence of the temple of Goddess of Sondai, at the top of the mountain. The tree above the temple is considered to be its wall since it has no properstructure.

On your way to Sondai stronghold, you’ll come across the emotional geography of Morbe dam which offers a awsome view of Matheran hills. We assure you that you’ll feel as if you’re witnessing the heavenly brutes where cow are grazing peacefully near the dam and the entire dam is enclosed within the sky touching hills. 

 Another spot where your soul feel pleasure and excited is the” Changewadi cascade”. This cascade is located a many measures ahead from the Sondai fort journey starting point. So, you can either visit it before or after your journey.( Short advice- If the rainfall is sunny, prefer visiting the waterfall after your journey). These two locales can surely add a spark to your one day journey of Sondai fort and make it a memorable event.

The reason being you can witness the joy of different places on a single lift. So make sure you spend some time near Morbe levee while going towards the base vill, complete the Sondai fort journey, and also immerse yourself in the rushing water of” Changewadi waterfall” 


 Standing at a height of 365 m, the Sondai fort journey is a small hill fort journey, which is further of a watchtower. The fort is at the base of two townlets, Sondewadi and Wavarle. Sondewadi vill is at quarter height from the fort. 

 From the peak of the Sondai Fort, one can get a clear and beautiful view of the Morba Dam, Prabalgad, Songiri, Rajmachi and Irshal castles and the Matheran mountain range. There are 4 water tanks on the stronghold, out of which 2 of them give drinkable water.

There’s also an hero of Sondai Devi on the top of the fort and the way to take one there are sculpted out of jewels. The townies have put up 2 graduations to make the riseeasier. The first ladder has two tuns to its right while the alternate one takes us directly to the top. 

 Things to Remember on Sondai Fort Trek 

 make sure you go with a group of pedestrians or accompany an educated mountaineer. You can plan Sendai fort journey in any season but you have to consider some effects before you plan to visit it  If you’re a first- time mountaineer. 

  • summer can be grueling if you are not used to touring for a long time in the scorchy sun. 
  •   During showers, some of the slanting gemstone patches come slippery. Hence, you need to stay careful and walk mindfully through them. 
  •  During layoffs, utmost of the lush green patches fade down. This situation would ruin your trekking experience, at least for the Sondai fort journey.

Tip- You might be wondering also which would be the elegant time to visit Sondai fort? So, as per our experience,  you can plan to visit this fort by medial or end of Monsoon. But, check the rainfall cast and plan only when it isn’t raining heavily. 

 The trail 

The Sondai fort journey has an easy trail and takes roughly an hour to reach the fort. The trail becomes a bit hard during thunderstorms as the gemstone way come slippery. 

 There are two routes to reach the stronghold. The one from Sondewadi is more preferable since the route from Wavarle has a little delicate approach as it passes through a thick forest. 

 How to reach 

  •  The base village for the Sondai journey is Sondewadi village which is located at a distance of 11.5 km from Karjat. You can fluently reach there via public or private transportation. 
  • By Train If you’re coming via train also alighting at the Karjat station, walk towards the Kalyan end and come out to the Eastside. By taking an auto from then we can reach the Sondewadi village which is about 9 km. 
  •  By Auto( From Karjat) One can take a 6 seater auto or ST from Karjat Chowk and alight at the Borgaon Phata. A walk of 3 km on the road along Morbe Dam takes us towards the Sondewadi village. 


  •  no entrance fee for the fort. 
  •  The fort is great to visit during daylight hours. 
  •  Wear a comfortable pair of shoes

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