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Spare magazines have many advantages

by Nathan Zachary
Spare Magazine

Extra magazines jatatactical.com are essential because of potential gun stoppages caused by malfunctioning magazines. Every pistol magazine has a life span and wears out with time, no matter what the gun is.

The argument for carrying extra magazines can be made for many different types of carry guns, although some of them may only apply to certain types.


It is generally accepted that handguns are not as effective at stopping threats as shotguns or rifles. This is because handguns have a limited amount of ammunition and extra magazines can be a lot of help in case of an emergency.

A concealed carrier uses a handgun because it is practically possible to hide a handgun under your clothes. Concealed carry citizens cannot expect their handgun to consistently deliver the elusive one-shot stop, regardless of what calibre they choose to carry. Consequently, it is natural to want more ammunition at your disposal: you can’t be sure how many shots it will take to stop an aggressor, and you don’t know if you will always face one threat.

Remediating magazine failures

Magazine malfunctions are the #1 cause of malfunctions in semi-automatic, magazine-fed firearms, whether they are pistols or rifles.

Semi-automatic pistol malfunctions can be categorised into one of four types: feed failure (FTF), stovepipe, chamber failure, or double feed. Most pistol failures are caused by bad magazines, with the exception of stovepipes, which are usually caused by weak or worn extractors. Failure to feed (FTF) can manifest itself in a number of ways. The upper cartridge did not reach the chamber and remained wedged between the feed lip and barrel.

  • Corrective action:

Shake out a jammed cartridge if it is in the action. Once the magazine has been seated fully in the magazine well, rack the slide, then fire (bang). 

  • The following could be the cause:

The magazine is not fully inserted into the pistol, the feed lips are bent or damaged, the magazine spring is weak, and the follower is weak.

The pistol fails to chamber when the slide cycles after firing a round, but no new round can be chambered. It is typical to hear a click when pulling the trigger after such a malfunction.

  • Action to be taken:

Tap-rack-bang is performed. Try switching magazines if it doesn’t work.

  • Causing factors:

Mag springs and ammunition with weak springs are most likely to fail to chamber. You may need to replace your magazine spring if the issue occurs across multiple brands.

When two rounds are trying to enter the chamber simultaneously, the slide jams. Double-feeds are easy to spot: one cartridge appears chambered, but the second cartridge’s nose rides against the back of the first.

  • A new round can be chambered once the slide is locked to the rear, the magazine is removed, the slide is closed, the slide is rung multiple times, and the slide is locked to the rear again.
  • Check your extractor if you regularly experience double-feeds with a particular magazine. The magazine spring may need to be replaced if your extractor is in good condition.

It is common to throw out the current magazine when you sustain any malfunction during a self-defence situation, just in case the malfunction was caused by the magazine.

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