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4 Steps to Hire WordPress Developers to Know Right Now!

by Nathan Zachary
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Should you work with a WordPress developer or do it yourself when creating a WordPress site? The first question we will address in this piece is that.

Then, if you believe to hire a WordPress developer is the best course of action for your website, we will give four ideas to assist you in choosing one, as well as several places where you may meet competent WordPress developers.  

Let’s get one thing straight: you can create a WordPress site that works independently. However, many individuals still use a WordPress developer to do the task, so this is a strategy to consider.

Let’s go through the steps to determine whether working with a WordPress developer is the right course of action for your requirements.

How to Find and Work with a WordPress Developer to Build Your Website (in 4 Steps)

It may be a wise decision to employ a developer, but it can also be hazardous. You don’t want to spend more than is necessary since you want to find the proper person. Let’s go through what you should do to increase your chances of producing a top-notch finished product.

Step 1: Take Into Account Your Requirements

Before you engage a WordPress developer, you should be clear on your requirements, even if you won’t be developing your website yourself. The better the outcome, the more details you may provide them with.

While you don’t need to start thinking about your site’s style, you should consider its overall purpose and content. It’s vital to take into account things like:

What the objective of your website will be –whether it’s to share knowledge, foster community, generate revenue, etc.

The amount and the kinds of pages you want to include are necessary.

Your website will need particular features and capabilities, such as calendars, media integration, e-commerce capabilities, and purchase or booking forms.

These are the first details you should share with your developer after you have chosen one. By doing this, you can be sure that you and your site’s visitors agree on the course the site should follow.

Step 2: Consider the Associated Expenses.

As we have discussed, creating a bespoke website might be expensive. Of course, WordPress won’t be as costly to use to build a site as some other systems. However, you will want to be aware of the costs involved. Your final payment will primarily be determined by the following:

  • The project’s Size and Scope

How many pages are necessary? Because many WordPress developers charge by the hour, the future cost will be higher the larger your site is.

  • The difficult of Your Demands

Custom additions and functionality usually come at a higher cost. Simple requirements like a WordPress blog, a corporate brochure website, or a tiny shop should be less expensive.

  • Experience Level of the Developer You’ve Selected

There are many developers, and their hourly rates vary from $5 to $100. The most capable and dependable personnel are often in the spectrum’s center.

A bespoke WordPress site may ultimately cost anything from a few hundred dollars to $5,000 (or more). However, the three recommendations listed above should help you determine where your project will lie on the scale.

Step 3: Know What to Search for in a Possible Employer

You must be able to evaluate prospects if you want to recruit a WordPress developer. If you lack much technological skill, this might be a challenging task. You can still make a wise choice, however.

It would help if you thought about the following things before doing so:

  • What is the developer’s price range?

Be particularly cautious of individuals at the shallow end of the spectrum who bill between $5 and $15 per hour. It is most likely a sign of inexperience.

  • Exist a Portfolio of Their prior work?

Examining prior websites that a possible employee has created is the most reasonable thing you can do when screening candidates. If you can, go to the websites and spend some time there to verify whether the material is straightforward to access, whether important features function as intended, and so forth.

  • Do you have any testimonials or references?

If at all feasible, try to contact another company the developer has worked for and enquire about their expertise.

  • Does the developer have particular expertise with WordPress?

A more generic developer could not benefit from the platform and might not be as proficient in specific languages and abilities.

  • What devices do they employ?

While some developers may utilize page builder plugins like Elementor, others will create a custom WordPress theme for you. Although there isn’t a right or wrong answer in this situation, you will want to know precisely what will serve as the site’s basis since it will influence how you make modifications in the future.

Finally, and probably most crucially, it makes sense to get in touch with the most qualified prospects and discuss with them before making a choice. Let them know what you are searching for. Ask them about their experience and other things.

It will reveal many things to you, like the developer’s response time, communication skills, and level of understanding of your demands. Additionally, it might help you feel how easy they’ll be to deal with, which is crucial and cannot be stressed.

Step 4: Start Looking for Applicants

You are now prepared to work with a WordPress developer! Start searching for possible applicants at the last stage.

You must take your time throughout this procedure. Look through other websites, make a list of options, and contrast them with one another (using the list in the previous step). Reach out to each candidate after you have reduced the field to a few standout choices, and then use the responses as a benchmark for your decision.

There are several possibilities for where to look for prospective recruits. Both generic freelancing websites and job portals tailored to WordPress have them.

Check out our ranking of the top locations to hire WordPress freelancers for further guidance on where to begin. You might even consider employing a local developer by attending neighborhood activities and getting in touch with surrounding organizations.


Commissioning your website might be a wise choice if you have money to spend but little free time. Additionally, this allows you to have a site created just for you, with all the features and functionality you need.

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