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Streaming servers and what they are used for

by Nathan Zachary

Video content is precious in the professional world. Video hosting sites offer many video production features, including editing tools, monetization, video analytics, video SEO, and more. However, the video’s size can be challenging to share, especially if you don’t want the quality to go down. In such cases, streaming services are used.

Reasons why streaming servers are popular

If a person is going to share live or video-on-demand video with his audience over the Internet, he has to use a video streaming server anyway. By joining the stream, people can start watching the video almost instantly while the file is being transferred.

Many people prefer to watch high-quality videos daily, so content delivery technology from the provider to the consumer is essential. In order to take it one step further, video hosting platforms support live streaming.

The streamer has three options:

  • To stream on free platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Then there will be no control over which videos they recommend, and the account can be unexpectedly closed.
  • To use additional features, reliability, and security of online video platforms and video streaming hosting services for a specific price.
  • To create their own streaming video server. This process includes coding server software or fixing pieces from the open-source community.

People are turning to video streaming for news, entertainment, sports, etc. Therefore, the trend has quickly moved into the professional field.

Where are streaming servers commonly used

Streaming can be a way of making money for a person. Viewers transfer tips to a blogger for exciting content or for some service (for a birthday greeting or answering a question). Therefore, streamers need fast Internet and uninterrupted operation of the streaming service.

Servers and video streaming hosting are also used in the following areas:

·    Internet broadcast of the event (concert, party, wedding);

·    organization of your own webinars and online lectures;

·    live demonstration of exhibitions, cafes, and restaurants;

·    creating your own video channel;

·    organization of teleconferences.

On shared servers and VPS hosting, people use the same resources. It exposes businesses vulnerable to hacks, content leaks, and data theft. Therefore, if the information is extremely important for a person, he will use streaming dedicated servers, as they are much safer.

Which server to choose for video streaming

Streaming video requires a lot of resources. Hence, it would help if you had more bandwidth, storage, and a dependable network. With a dedicated IPTV server for video streaming, one gets access to it all. There are such advantages:

·    The video will take less time to load due to the high-speed network and secure storage system. So the audience will have almost no downtime and delays.

·    With the help of an IPTV server, any content is broadcast and received by any person on the Internet. The technology simply uses IP (Internet Protocol) to deliver the video to the viewer.

·    With a dedicated IPTV server for video streaming, you can stream whatever you want without any restrictions.

Often by mistake people use dedicated servers with GPU. This is not entirely correct since it is only advisable to equip a server with a video card if your company’s activities are associated with resource-intensive calculations. GPU server hosting is suitable for projects that require a lot of computing power and performance.

This option is chosen for cryptanalysis and cryptography, 3D modeling, working with Big Data, etc. NVIDIA is the leader in the number of technologies used in video cards. The company produces reference models of GeForce video cards, based on which other brands make their own components. Nvidia GPU dedicated server is suitable for development, video games, and research projects where large-scale computing and various media resources are essential.


The demand for live streaming continues to grow. Streaming servers allow a person to share their videos in real-time and earn money.

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