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eLearning Videos: Strong Advice for Making Them Great

by Nathan Zachary
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Better methods of disseminating information are now possible thanks to more recent technologies. Utilizing cutting-edge video production techniques, both businesses and individuals have begun to enter the eLearning market. Video courses are used for training on the business side of the equation. Online courses and sales funneling strategies are the focus of eLearning video production for individuals and small businesses.

Video is very popular! More than 60% of online students have enrolled in a video-based course. They don’t, however, simply adore every video. The viewer won’t remember any of the information if it doesn’t engage them. Simply put, it will be a missed chance. However, engaging videos will leave viewers with a lasting impression. Businesses will be able to produce effective eLearning animated videos that are in line with their objectives by using these innovative tips for creating eLearning storyboards and videos for online or instructor-led videos.

Various eLearning Video Formats

Due to the abundance of tools available for video production, instructor-led training is becoming obsolete in the workplace. For businesses, animated video production, for instance, has gained popularity as a substitute for in-person training. Following that, here are a few of the most popular categories of eLearning videos.

Videos Teasers

Animated teaser videos are meant to pique an audience’s interest. Consider them to be a movie trailer. They condense the eLearning experience’s excerpts into a single, succinct, and engaging package. People are more likely to watch the entire training course if it starts with a few brief videos that provide a preview of what the remaining videos will cover. But this style of video is more often used to promote large collections of videos.

These videos don’t reveal too much information while highlighting key problems that the main eLearning course will address. Usually, it lasts no longer than two minutes. Here is a brief summary of the key components of a teaser video.

Teaser Videos for the Big Day Announcement

The best videos always have a catchy beginning that fits the attention span of people who watch them online. The video ought to then switch to social proof, where other people describe their experiences.

Last but not least, teaser videos should always end with a clear call to action that tells people what they should do next. The CTA for a video promoting an eLearning course would direct viewers to a sales funnel. It would probably advise the viewer to pay attention to the videos they are about to watch if it were a corporate video production.

Whiteboard Teaser Video Example

To get viewers ready for what’s to come, highlight reels for upcoming videos can be provided using whiteboard animation. Add some inspirational words, background music, and strong phrases to make it really stick.

Videos from The Course with Illustrations

The animated aspect of video production will be the main topic of this section. The average length of a course video should be around ten minutes. Therefore, it’s crucial to convey a clear message in each video. What exactly is the benefit of animated videos?

To begin with, animation has the capacity to advance the story in more creative ways. With animation, complicated issues can be simplified in ways that can’t be achieved with live-action filming. For instance, using animation to depict complex timelines related to the passage of time will be far less confusing than attempting to present a complex timeline in a live-action setting.

ILT and OLT Course Videos’ Usefulness

The idea of only using elements in animated Online Training Program (OLT) videos that will appeal to the target audience is one of the most crucial ones. This will differ from niche to niche, so be careful to set the appropriate tone for the viewers of the videos. A video production agency can really help in this situation. They can pinpoint the appropriate tone for a particular audience and provide insight into the ideal form of animation to employ.

Last but not least, make sure each video responds to a crucial query. Each video in an eLearning course will address a different question because there will be several of them. Videos that attempt to tackle several issues at once will confuse viewers.

For Illustration, Watch This Animated Video.

Information is conveyed to viewers through informational videos using visual aids. Animated text, cartoon characters, or a combination of the two help them to visualize a concept. Complex animations were used to explain the concepts behind the newly discovered COVID virus in a way that the general public could grasp. All types of marketing video production must have this as their primary objective.

Creating Trust Through Webinars

A live Q&A session where viewers’ concerns can be addressed makes webinars the best option for event video production as well.

Having said that, there are some crucial considerations to make when running a webinar. Although it has many benefits, the main drawback is that webinars lack the same level of interactive learning as a video course. Questions that don’t apply to everyone present will be asked. As a result, even though they offer worthwhile content, not everyone will find their worth to be as great.

Because of this, it’s crucial to increase webinar attendance, so be sure to advertise it beforehand. It’s crucial to fill those virtual seats. However, since this isn’t really a tip on how to put together a webinar, it would be best to move on.

Pick subjects that resonate with the target audience. The only way to pique their interest in the webinar is to do that. What is the most common problem that people in your target market have that has to do with your business?

Plan the webinar around that idea after condensing it into a few clear points. It would be a waste of time to actively involve the audience if they were already invested. Prepare some animations to go over some points, and after each point, leave time for questions.

The general rule is to give questions as much time as the webinar itself. As a result, allow an hour total for questions if the content is an hour long.

Animated Webinar Presentation

In light of the fact that this is a live presentation, the webinar itself will not contain any visual effects. Presentations should only include animation during the presentation itself. Animation is actually encouraged because it breaks up the monotony and entertains the audience. Even a simple presentation will benefit greatly from the addition of a little animation. Perhaps have a character discuss the subjects, or have the words appear in interesting ways?

How to Make Interesting eLearning Videos

After discussing the three main types of eLearning videos, it’s time to look at some wise video creation guidance to help you get the most out of your videos.

Always keep reusability in mind when creating videos

Flashy animations and graphics are much less significant than the video’s message. Even webinars have a reusable component, which is why many companies hire video production companies to edit them for future use.

Maximize The Use of Images

The true value of animation is evident in this situation. All of a video’s visuals must, however, support the narrative. Like writing, eLearning videos should be free of filler. An expert video production company will excel in this area.

Videos should be brief and to the point.

The general rule is that course videos shouldn’t last more than ten minutes. Make sure each video focuses on a single problem. The likelihood of confusing the viewer increases with the length of the video.

Use The Proper Equipment for The Task.

Using the proper tools in video production can make or break a video, just like it can with anything else in the business. Do some research to determine the precise requirements because they will vary depending on the overall production objectives.

Scripts Are Essential.

Some amateurs just press the record button, start speaking, and hope for the best. This is a serious error that might result in rambling and veer the video off course.

Never Ever Interrupt the Viewer.

One more typical error made by beginners, and one of the key advantages of hiring expert video production services. Animations ought to support the message rather than detract from it. If you get too fancy, the viewer might become confused.

Get The Best Video Editors to Create Your ELearning Videos.

For editing videos, there are numerous programs and equipment available. eLearning video production requires a high level of expertise, experience, and sophisticated hardware and software infrastructure. To obtain top-notch eLearning videos, it is best to collaborate with a video editing and post-production business. The animation, storyboarding, audio, and video editing experts at Visionary Web Studios (VWS) have been helping business owners, corporate trainers, and organizations create eLearning videos for their intended target audience.

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