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Study Guide for Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

by Nathan Zachary

Candidates must participate in all stages of developing AI solutions for this test, from defining requirements to designing to developing, deploying, maintaining, performance-tuning, and monitoring. It is now essential for professionals to hold suitable IT certifications in the field of artificial intelligence so that their abilities and knowledge may be verified in front of potential employers.

Candidates must be knowledgeable in C#, Python, or JavaScript and have hands-on expertise with REST-based APIs and SDKs in order to build conversational AI, computer vision, and NLP applications on Azure. They should comprehend and be able to use ethical AI concepts. 

Microsoft Exam Learning Path for AI-102

The subjects covered in the modules that make up this learning route for the exam of  AI 102 will aid candidates in understanding the concepts in a step-by-step manner. However, the primary areas include: 

• First, using Azure Cognitive Language Services to evaluate text; 

• Second, using Azure Cognitive Speech Services to analyze and translate speech.

• Thirdly, using the Azure cognitive vision services to analyze and categorize photos.

• Next, using Azure Cognitive Language Services to process natural language

• After that, utilize Azure Cognitive Search to implement knowledge mining.

• As the last step, developing conversational AI solutions.

Scheduling Exam

The azure certification training gauges your aptitude for planning and administering Azure Cognitive Services solutions while putting Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing solutions into practice. Candidates can sign in to their Microsoft accounts and fill out the necessary information to schedule the exam, though.

Quality before taking the AI-102 test?

Candidates for the AI-102 certification exam must possess the following abilities: 

• Expertise in JavaScript, C#, or Python.

• The ability to create conversational AI, computer vision, and natural language processing applications on Azure using SDKs and REST-based APIs.

• Knowledge of how to use ethical AI principles.

Study Guide

Exam objectives

Candidates must be aware of the exam objectives in order to get off to a strong start when preparing for the Microsoft AI-102 exam. The four key themes covered by the Microsoft certification AI-102 test objectives will help candidates understand the key portions. Check out the exam guide to learn more about the following subjects:

• Create and maintain an Azure Cognitive Services solution first.

• Secondly, put computer vision solutions into practice.

Implement solutions for natural language processing first, followed by those for knowledge mining and conversational AI.

Microsoft Learning Platform

Microsoft provides access to learning platforms with a range of tools for exam preparation. Visit the Microsoft official website to find all the information you require for the Microsoft azure certification AI-102 exam preparation. Additionally, it helps applicants pass the exam by helping them comprehend the ideas.

Microsoft Docs

The knowledge base that offers thorough information on the concepts covered by the Microsoft Cloud certification test is Microsoft documentation. Additionally, by consulting Microsoft Documentation, you can learn about the various scales of the various Azure AI services. You may learn a lot about the many AI services and concepts used in the test from the courses that make up this.

Target Audience

• Those who are knowledgeable in C# or Python, second.

• Candidates with experience using REST-based APIs to develop conversational AI, intelligent search, computer vision, and language analysis solutions on Azure.

Online Study Groups

Candidates who are preparing for exams may benefit from participating in online study groups. 

Practice Tests

For better preparation, practice exams are crucial. With the help of Microsoft AI-102 practice exams, you may evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you will be able to improve your exam-taking strategies, which will help you finish the test more quickly. The best time to attempt the mock exams for the AI-102 exam is after finishing a full topic. As a result, your revision will be better. Therefore, locate the top practice exams and prepare for the Microsoft AI-102 certification examination.

Conclusion: This study guide, which is designed to offer you a thorough understanding of the AI-102 exam, will be of great assistance. This thorough study guide is produced to assist you in comprehending the exam format, prerequisites, study time, schedule, and the advantages of earning an azure certification as a Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate.

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