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Study MBBS In Qiqihar Medical University At Reasonable Fee

by Nathan Zachary

Qiqihar Medical University, China

Qiqihar Medical University is one of the most renowned universities in the Qiqihar region. The university provides quality education not only to local students but also to international students from home and abroad.

The university is widely recognized for its medical education and research, as well as regional research.

The university was founded in 1946 and is located in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province. Study MBBS in Qiqihar Medical University is located on the banks of the picturesque Ningjiang River. It is one of the oldest medical universities in China.

It is a large, joint higher education institution. It attaches great importance to exchange and cooperation and has established friendly interdisciplinary relations with many universities in the USA, the Philippines, Russia and Japan.

Key highlights

More than 10 000 students graduated.

22 research institutions and academic communities.

30 teaching and training hospitals and 9 affiliated hospitals.

458 scientific research projects

Some 4 623 teachers, including professors and lecturers.

Qiqihar Medical University – 2022 Brief description

MBBS course admission date September

Admission requirements Minimum 50% in PCB

NEET entrance test There is no entrance test and students are directly admitted.

Tuition fee RS. 2.78 lakhs per annum (approx).

Duration of the programme 6 years (including internship)

Languages spoken: English, Chinese

University world ranking: 4211

Country ranking: 649

University accreditation by PMC and WHO

Why study MBBS at Qiqihar Medical University?

The cost of living for MBBS students in China is very low.

The university offers MBBS students a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Admission to MBBS at Qiqihar Medical University is very simple as there are no difficult entrance exams or entrance tests in China.

Students can study MBBS at Qiqihar Medical College with very low tuition fees.

In collaboration with various medical institutions, exchange programmes are organized for students both in China and abroad.

In Qiqihar, students can experience the welcoming and warm character of the local people.

Qiqihar Medical University – MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Details Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Tuition fee 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB 16,000 RMB

Room fees RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB 3,000 RMB

Other expenses RMB 5,315 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 1,000 RMB

7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB 7 000 RMB

Total annual amount 31,315 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB 27,000 RMB

(approximately) Rs.3.22 lakhs Rs.2.78 lakhs Rs.2.78 lakhs Rs.2.78 lakhs Rs.2.78 lakhs

Note: The average cost of MBBS in Qiqihar Medical University is around Rs.2.78 lakhs per annum.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for MBBS course in Qiqihar Medical University.

Students must have completed 10+2 years of schooling or equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks.

Students must have majored in physics, chemistry or biology.

The student must have a non-Chinese nationality.

The student must be between 17 and 26 years of age.

Applicants must have an excellent academic record and must present all diplomas at the time of enrolment.

They must be fluent in English.

You must be in good physical and mental health.

Admission procedure

Admission procedure – MBBS – Qiqihar – College of Medicine

Step 1: In order to study MBBS at Qiqihar Medical College, students who meet the required admission criteria must fill up an application form.

Step 2: Students must upload the required application documents.

Step 3: The student or applicant must have sufficient photocopies or scanned copies of the documents.

Step 4: The student or applicant must receive an admission letter or invitation letter from the university to apply for admission to MBBS at Qiqihar Medical University.

Step 5: The applicant submits the completed form and copies of the required documents to the university.

Step 6: Applicant pays the required application fee.

Step 7: After confirmation of admission, the applicant must apply for the appropriate visa and travel to the university.

Required documents

Documents required for admission to Qiqihar Medical University.

Photocopy of passport

Passport size photograph

Curriculum vitae

Letter of guarantee

Certificate of completion of upper secondary education or certificate of completion of secondary education

Certificate of completion of upper secondary education

Application form

Bank transfer receipt for the application fee

Application form printed and signed by the applicant.

Courses offered at Qiqihar Medical University

Accommodation for Pakistani students

Qiqihar Medical University has accommodation for international students in standard rooms.

Rooms can be of the following types:-

Single rooms: for one person

Quadruple rooms: for four persons

These rooms are equipped with telephone, bathroom with hot water, internet connection, air conditioning, etc.

The accommodation fee is 6000 RMB/year for a double room, 3000 RMB/year for a quadruple room and 18000 RMB/year for a single room.


The University values international cooperation and offers various scholarships for international students to encourage all international students to apply. In particular, it admits all students for a Chinese government scholarship.

100% merit-based scholarships are available, and since the second year, the university also offers merit scholarships to students.

The scholarship programs offered by Qiqihar Medical University are listed below:

1. Qiqihar University Heilongjiang Government Scholarship for International Students.

2. Qiqihar University Qiqihar Scholarship of Heilongjiang Chinese Medical University.

3. Chinese government scholarship for Qiqihar University (CSC scholarship).

Qiqihar University aims to become a major national university in the near future and has a rich history of academic excellence.

Offering a beautiful and friendly learning environment, the university welcomes all international students.

Visa information for Pakistani students (student visa)

Students wishing to study in China must apply for a student visa or an X visa.

Only after students have received a JW202 form from their university can they apply for an X visa or a student visa.

They must then apply for a study visa at the Chinese consulate or embassy in their country.

For this purpose, they need the following documents:

Original letter of acceptance.

Original entry visa.

The original JW202 form for a study visa.

Original JW202 application form.

Information about Qiqihar

About Qiqihar

Qiqihar has a population of 5,611,000.

The city covers an area of 43,000 square kilometers (16,602 square miles). It is located in the central-western part of the province and is the second largest city in China’s Heilongjiang Province.

Qiqihar borders Inner Mongolia to the west and Jilin to the south and is the transportation hub of western Heilongjiang.

It is 359 km from the capital Harbin.

Qiqihar has a dry and windy spring and a hot and rainy summer, with a temperate continental monsoon climate at high altitude.

Winters in Qiqihar are cold and long and autumns shorter.

The average annual temperature in Qiqihar varies between 0.7 and 4.2 °C, and the best time to visit Qiqihar is between May and July each year.

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