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STYLIKE (STYL) – Everything You Need to Know

by Nathan Zachary

Stylike is a new currency for fashion lovers. The world has stopped appreciating fashion. Our media society on the Internet does not esteem the style of its users as it should.

What is Stylike (STYL)?

Stylike is a web 3.0 fashion-base application back by Fashion TV and a strong community of influencers and celebrities. The main goal is crystal clear, to put a stop to this cycle. With the giant fashion organization Fashion Tv by their side, this objective is more reachable than at any other time.

The outcome of this concern is a fashion app called Stylike. It is developing a new concept which is called dress-to-earn. The issue we focused on is being stylish, executing daily fashion-related tasks, and earning money. The Jury from Fashion TV will judge the whole process and based on their perception, the users get rewarded.

Stylike NFTs & Weekly Competitions

After downloading the Stylike (STYL) application, users purchase in-app NFTs and style their avatars. The application includes more than one hundred NFT cameras that users can purchase. Users can also check their income based on their specific cameras here.

In weekly competitions, users will be rewarded based on their style. The goal is to appreciate the style of users on the internet when they do not get much appreciation from others.

STYL Token

It is a BEP-20 governance token on the Stylike platform. Its holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens on the platform. Although, the staking system will be activated shortly.

Users of Stylike can receive STYL tokens as special rewards.

The purpose of the STYL token is to distribute the rewards generated by the growth and development of the Stylike platform among users, developers, and stackers of the STL token and in the future, to decentralize the ownership and management of Stylike.

In Game Token: STL (in-app unlimited supply token)

STL the in-app play & earn token, has an unlimited supply and is earned when the user performs a task in the app. STL is burned when the user consumes STL in the app.

For more information visit: https://stylike.io

Join the Telegram channel of Stylike: https://t.me/stylikeofficial

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