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Summarize the essay and send it to the magazine

by Nathan Zachary

Writing an essay can be a wonderful, incredibly educational, and sometimes arduous journey. Our accounting specialist Eva Turning and CFO Daniel Forger have put together 10 tips when writing an essay in economics (econs tuition), which can be good to think about and make the road to a finished essay a little easier.

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Choice of topic
Be genuinely interested in the topic – you should spend a lot of time on it! This means that you must properly read you; the interviewer should not have to explain the subject’s basics to you.

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Broaden your views!
The subject must not be too narrow – you must be able to interview companies/auditors/accounting consultants etc., about it and conclude.

How can you use your subject choice?
For example, if you want to become an accountant, it is appropriate to write about accounting or auditing. If you want to make a career as an accountant, it can also be a good alternative to choose an auditing question, e.g., rotation rules or any issue of independence as a subject, rather than the industry issues of audit firms.

Such a subject choice can contribute more to the knowledge you need to gain more experience and become a better accountant. If you want to pursue a career in accounting or auditing, it may be appropriate to investigate how different accounting standards are complied with and what effects they have; IFRS 15 has any effects on revenue recognition and what happened when IFRS 16 was introduced; how much have the companies’ balance sheets swelled and has their behavior changed? No matter what branch of the economics you want to focus on, there is always an interest in knowing.”

Skip “revelations” as a topic
Audience-free topics such as revealing “manipulation” or distorting numbers make it very difficult to find interviewees because most people want to do the right thing.

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Avoid writing about methods that have not yet been published.
If you want to write about a new phenomenon, such as a new way of reporting or a new set of rules, keep in mind that the specialists are far ahead of the company (which will apply) and the auditors (who will audit its manner in which applied it). Do not write about standards and the like that have not yet been published, for example, from the IASB. Very few interviewees want to speculate on what could be published.

Preparation is key
Since interviews with accountants and accounting consultants mean that they take their time and give to you instead of working with their clients, you must be well prepared and effectively conduct the interview. Feel free to send out the questions in advance.

Be sure to formulate yourself well and precisely when you write; a sloppy text takes a lot of time for the interviewee to correct if the person asks to read your summary of the interview (otherwise, you should offer this to make sure you understand answers correctly). A good impression from the interview and a well-written ability can contribute to opportunities for future employment.


Structuring interviews and surveys
If you are writing in the spring, it is less appropriate to post interviews with accountants as they have a huge amount. Also, avoid surveys that take too long to complete, resulting in a low response rate. Keep in mind that digital surveys sent out via email risk disappear in the inbox or added as spam.

It is, therefore, important that you are active and monitor the response rate. The questions asked in the survey must be answerable, so if you want to ask a question based on, for example, a provision according to ISA, must convince you that behavior is allowed according to ISA and also quote the provision to save time for the person who will answer the question. Even “impossible” questions give a low response rate.

Secure your info with follow-up questions
Be humble in the face of current accounting and auditing standards providing many opportunities for your own interpretation, and therefore feel free to ask any follow-up questions.

Follow up your interviews.
Also, ask for the opportunity to return with follow-up questions. If you have interviewed several people, someone may have an opposite opinion, and it may then be appropriate to follow this up.

Get the chance to appear in the magazine Ballan’s
Summarize the essay and send it to the magazine Ballan’s to be published, which you can highlight in your CV. You will find addresses and writing rules on FAR’s website. Remember to send your completed essay to your interviewees.

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