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Sungold High Power 400W Portable Solar Panel: Powering High Power Easily

by Nathan Zachary

The ultimate portable, light out of the water, perfect experience.

The Sungold Hi-Power series portable waterproof solar panel is a highly efficient, foldable solar panel with multiple sizes to choose from (100W-400W). Hi-Power series 400W portable waterproof solar panel is a typical product in the solar panel family with high power output, perfect for RV, camping, boats, family trips, Outdoor emergency, and other off-grid environment use.

1Lightweight and portable

Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panel is a foldable design, consisting of four 100W panels connected, with an adjustable bracket under each solar panel. Solar panels folded about 23 inches long and 35 inches wide, the trunk of a small car can be put down. Even if your strength is small there is no need to worry, carrying it is never a problem.

The lightweight, portable solar panel also uses Sungold’s self-developed polymer compound material. Solar panel output power, but the weight is only 28 pounds (12.6kg), the overall weight of the product is about 30% lighter than other products of the same power on the market.

Waterproof solar panel charger

2Good waterproof performance

Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panel has IP67 waterproof rating and adopts ETFE surface material. ETFE laminated outer film has strong UV resistance and a good light transmission rate, which can achieve a 98% light transmission rate. It also provides the solar panel with excellent weathering resistance and salt spray resistance, which extends the life of the solar panel and provides high protection from occasional rain or wet fog.

The Sungold Solar team put the 400W portable solar panel into the water to realistically test its waterproof performance.

You’ll find an amazing phenomenon: the Hi-Power Series 400W Portable Solar Panel floats on the water’s surface.

Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panel is lighter than water.

If you don’t believe me, please go to Sungold’s official website (https://www.sungoldsolar.com/) to watch the Hi-Power Series 400W solar panel video. Sungold Solar will always make high-performance products. Sungold Solar word to you is always the same.

Even if the solar panel is placed in water, it does not affect the use of the solar panel when you take it out. It continues to output power normally.

Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panel uses an MC4 connector. The solar panel is waterproof, and the waterproof design of the MC4 connector certainly adds another layer of protection to this product. Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panel is afraid of water? This is not possible.

Waterproof portable solar panel-tuya

3High power output

Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panels use the latest A-grade monocrystalline 210 solar cells, using PERC shingled-cell technology to make them the highest quality portable solar panels, with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%. As long as the angle of the solar panel is adjusted in a sunny environment, it can be charged quickly and output high power.

High power solar panelFrom 11:00 noon to 2:00 p.m., the solar panel can be placed in this period to obtain strong enough sunlight. It is important to note that to maximize the use of sunlight resources, the solar panels must adjust their orientation according to the movement of the sun and avoid tree branches, buildings, and other shading objects.

The Sungold Solar team connected the solar panels to a 2000 wh portable power station to test the solar panel charging effect.

The Sungold Solar team used the solar panel to charge the portable power station at noon when the portable power station had 19% power remaining.

After waiting for two hours, the portable power station reached 51%, equivalent to the Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panel the portable power station charged 30% of the power. According to this charging efficiency conversion, in an ideal state, 7 hours to fill this 2000 wh of the portable power station. This is a very fast charging efficiency for a portable power station.

You can also go to Sungold’s Facebook website to watch the charging video and I believe you will not be disappointed.

Foldable portable solar panel

4Adapted to the portable power station

When using the solar panel to charge the portable power station, Sungold Solar will give you Y-type wiring. 400W portable solar panel of the Hi-Power series does not need a complicated connection, connect the Y-type wiring with the short cable that comes with the solar panel, and you can combine the portable power station and the solar panel into a whole, and then you can enjoy the high-efficiency solar panel sufficient power output. The solar panel can be adapted to most of the portable power stations on the market.

Portable solar panels suitable for portable power stations-tuya

55 years warranty

Sungold also has a unique customization service, solar panel size, wiring, and the color of the solar handle can be flexibly set and customized according to your needs.

Hi-Power series 400W portable solar panels are guaranteed for 5 years, giving you the best experience. If you have any questions, you can call or email Sungold, and Sungold will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Sungold designs and manufactures solar panels that are always well-received by users. sungold’s product reviews come from actual customers who appreciate and trust the quality of Sungold’s products.

Ordering Sungold products is easy. You can click directly on the support page on the company’s official website to learn about Sungold’s solar panel specifications and pricing, and send your request via email. Sungold is happy to work directly with you and always treats each customer sincerely, will provide you with the best quality products and design solar solutions to meet your power needs.


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