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Swimming benefits with lifeguard certification

by Nathan Zachary
Lifeguard certification

Swimming benefits

It is possible that, even if you practice swimming with Lifeguard certification. you have not stopped to know all the benefits it can bring you for your physical and mental health.

Therefore, we are going to tell you in detail everything you can achieve with this sport.

It is a comprehensive sport.

Unlike many other sports that predominantly involve certain parts of the body. Swimming demands the work of all the muscles (legs, arms, back, core, etc.).

It is a low impact sport.

In other words, the ideal option for those people who may have joint problems and therefore impact by exercise is contraindicated. Likewise, it is a sport recommended by in pregnancy, so you will not have to stop your training while pregnant.

Improves mood.

The release of endorphins that occurs with physical activity helps control stress, anxiety and improve mood. In addition, the sensation caused by contact with water helps relaxation.

Work on concentration.

Unlike other sports that do not require excessive attention, swimming with lifeguard certification requires concentration on movements to achieve precise and efficient technical execution.

Improves all physical abilities.

From resistance and lung capacity, to strength and speed through coordination. The multitude of exercises that you can do with or without equipment. Can offer you endless possibilities to improve your physical condition.

Despite these and many more benefits with lifeguard certification that we can find, you should always keep in mind that an activity scheduled and supervised by a Physical Activity and Sports professional can bring greater benefits and avoid injuries.

Increases bone density

One of the most common health problems caused by aging is the loss of bone density. Which can lead to fractures, lack of strength and all kinds of complications. Therefore, any type of exercise that combats this phenomenon can be extremely helpful for middle-aged and older people.

Until recently, it was believed by that only strength training (such as weight lifting) was capable of improving the bone density of athletes. However, recent studies seem to indicate that swimming also has a very beneficial effect on this field. Increasing the mineral density of the bones in those who went to swim regularly for a long time.

Reduces inflammation

Organic inflammation is one of the most common health problems in developed countries. This phenomenon occurs mainly due to poor eating habits and lack of physical training. And among its most serious effects are the increased chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Although to completely eliminate inflammation it is necessary to eat as healthy a diet as possible, in recent years it has been proven that swimming with lifeguard certification can also play a very important role in maintaining balance in the body.

People who practice this sport on a regular basis seem to have lower levels of inflammation. And therefore a lower risk of suffering from all kinds of diseases.

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