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Swimming or Running, Which is More Effective in Burning Fat?

by Nathan Zachary
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Comparison of Swimming with Running that You Must Know
Two types of exercise that are often suggested by experts when going on a diet are swimming or running. Both sports are recognized to be able to burn the body’s calories very well. The following is a review of each of these sports.

  1. Running
    According to lifeguard training, running is the oldest sport in the world and has been known by human civilization. Basically, the movement of running is not much different from walking. The only significant difference between running and walking is the rhythm of the foot contact with the ground or where you stand.

Running is a form of exercise that requires little skill and comes naturally to most people. The sport does not require any professional training.

In addition, running is also a sport that does not cost money and can be done anywhere and anytime. All you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes.

Running has benefits for your lower body. and aims to help you develop core strength and lean muscle mass in your lower body. Running for 30 minutes can burn about 350 calories.

In addition to the benefits above, there are several other benefits of running that you can get for the body. Like the following:

Swim or Run
Running (Swimming or Running) Via liputan6.com
Increase endurance
Speed ​​up brain work
Delay aging
Reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke
Reduce cancer risk
Reducing the risk of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Increase fitness in the body
improve a good mood
improve sleep quality
Although running has various benefits for the body. You also have to pay attention to the condition of your body first before you run.

This exercise is not recommended for people who have basic problems with the heart and ankles, knees, or hip joints because it can be a big risk.

Running Sports Risk
Running is a sport that has a large enough impact, if you do it too often it can trigger injury to the body. Doing excessive activity on the body will have a bad impact.

Likewise with running. Injuries occur due to doing too much physical activity, too fast, and not allowing the body to adapt.

Some risks can occur due to lack of knowledge related to the sport. It would be nice if before doing sports, you warm up first.

Run at a lower pace first, whether it’s speed or distance. Experts suggest being able to do running with other sports in combination, such as lifting weights, cycling, or swimming or others.

  1. Swimming
    Swim or Run
    Swimming (Swimming or Running) Via dissolve.com
    Swimming is a form of exercise that has certain techniques, preferably under the guidance of a professional trainer. Along with strengthening your body, swimming can train the upper and lower body parts.

In addition, swimming is also a sport that is relatively inexpensive in terms of the equipment needed. All you need is an easy access to get into the swimming pool along with comfortable swimwear to make it easier for you to move while in the water.

Swimming can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. So in conclusion, swimming can be considered slightly better than running, if you can learn it.

In addition to these benefits, there are many benefits of swimming that you can get and feel. Here are some of the benefits of swimming:

Helps lose weight
Helps increase body height (during growth)
Helps and strengthens muscle and bone time
Improve heart and lung function
Practice breathing
Help relieve stress and depression
Relieves pain in arthritis
Reduce the risk of diabetes
Helps increase flexibility in the body
Improve body fitness
As a means of recreation
As a means of healing therapy
Although it has many benefits for the body, swimming is not recommended for people who have a phobia of water. Because besides being risky for the swimmer’s physical and mental health.

Swimming Risks
In addition to the many benefits of swimming that you can get, this sport also has some risks. Some of the risks in swimming are not many. However, you also have to keep it in mind.

The risk of swimming is that it can contract several diseases such as diseases of the skin, eyes, diarrhea, hair damage, ear infections, respiratory infections, and the most severe infection of the brain.

Of these things, cases are very rare, what often happens is only damage to the hair due to exposure to water and also diseases of the skin when swimming in a pool where the water is not clean.

All these risks can be avoided if you can maintain personal hygiene and also the pool environment and must know the condition of your own body.

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