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Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

by Nathan Zachary

Do you have any plans to get a new tattoo soon? Seeking inspiration for your upcoming tattoo? Finding good tattoo art can occasionally be difficult, whether soundwave, neo-traditional, or realistic!

Your next tattoo idea can come from a book, television program, or Pinterest board! However, we have compiled the best resources to help you find stunning tattoo ideas that complement your character and sense of style! Let’s investigate them.

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1: Books

Despite how strange it may seem, books are quite important in the realm of tattooing. Many books have amazing tattoo collections, yet even your go-to search engine rarely turns them up! The Tattoo, a fantastic tattoo book with in-depth insights into modern and traditional tattoos, is a great place to start.

You can learn a lot of strange things about various tattooing techniques! You have many tattoo design options since there are over 700 more in the book!

2: Celebrities

There are innumerable celebrities, so if all you ever considered about them was as sources of wardrobe ideas, think again. There are some well-known celebrities out there that proudly display their ink in front of the public. You can get excellent tattoo ideas from your favorite stars in such circumstances! If any of them also serve as your role models, all the better! Therefore, you can find a fantastic colorful tattoo for your next design by visiting the pages of your favorite celebrities!

3: TV Shows

Did you know that TV programs feature tattoo competitions, which you can watch for ideas for your upcoming tattoo? Well, many TV shows are in the tattoo category so you may get some excellent inspiration!

For information on your upcoming tattoo, check out amazing TV programs like Ink Master, Best Ink, etc. Tattoo artists worldwide compete in these tattoo competitions to be the best of the best!

Over 13 seasons later, The Ink Master is preparing for its fourteenth! You, therefore, have a wide range of options with these TV series! Choose the tattoo design that best suits your body, takes a screenshot, and email it to the tattoo artist!

4: Social media

The center of pretty much everything is social media, including tattoos! Like us, there are a lot of verified accounts of people that enjoy having tattoos and spread the word about the tattoo industry.

5: Old School Style

In contemporary tattooing, Old School-style designs are still used. The aesthetic style is popular because it is linked to tradition, patriarchy, liberty, freedom, faith, and love. The look has become recognizable and has significant meaning, making it a common choice.

Don’t think the designs made in this style a century ago are your only options. You might draw inspiration for your idea from Old School designs if you prefer simplicity and minimalism.

6: New School Tattoo Design

Old School tattoo designs are visually traditional, while New School tattoo designs take a daring detour from the norm. Such patterns may take the form of intricate, multifaceted shapes that employ gradients and color blending.

The tattoo shops Denver employs methods like shading, contrast, abstract interpretation, and less use of strong, distinct outlines. The aesthetic promotes originality and self-expression. This style might be a good way to convey your idea if you enjoy trying new things and have an eye for detail. Think about combining components from the two styles.

7: Traditional Meets Modern

You can express your idea with an aesthetic blend that blends many styles in one design, even though various trends unite the two aesthetic types. Depending on the idea, you can experiment with pairings of Old School’s bold, thick outlines and New School’s blended hues or gradients. You’ll find the ideal design if you keep looking for neo-traditional tattoo inspiration and examples.

8: Current Tattoo Design Trends

Finding a design that complements your ideas and personality is crucial, but perhaps most importantly, choose something you genuinely like. Even though we don’t suggest adopting trends merely because they are popular, looking at current tattoo trends can nevertheless help inspire your creativity.

We’re currently observing some fascinating developments in the sector, most notably the blackwork design, which incorporates geometric patterns and dotwork. Other prevalent trends are Asian-inspired, realistic, monochromatic, illustrated designs, and the aforementioned neo-traditional design style.

9: Look up tattoos online.

View pictures of various tattoos or designs by visiting internet image banks or galleries. If you have a general idea, the fact that images are typically grouped by category might speed up your search. On your computer or Pinterest, save your favorite pictures in a folder.

10: Check out binders at a tattoo shop

Tattoo shops Denver showcase their regular artists’ work in waiting areas. To familiarise yourself with the offerings of each artist, visit a store and browse these binders. Additionally, many stores make the online portfolios of their artists available.

11: Book a consultation with a tattoo artist

Book a consultation appointment with a tattoo artist whose work you admire to talk about getting inked. To help the tattoo artist understand what you want, bring images of artwork, designs, or other tattoos you enjoy. So that the tattoo artist can create a suitable plan for you, discuss the size of the tattoo you desire and where it will be placed.

12: Figure out how large you want your tattoo to be

Because it restricts the types of tattoo designs you can get, size is a significant factor. For example, a detailed portrait will only be effective for a tiny portion of the skin.

Alternatively, if a simple pattern, such as a musical note, is stretched across a substantial portion of the body, it might appear strange. For guidance on the size, layout, and placement of your upcoming tattoo, speak with a tattoo artist. Choose a temporary tattoo that will be smaller if you have a low pain threshold.


When picking a tattoo design, you should consider your personality, interests, and attractiveness. Before choosing the tattoo’s size, location, and color, consider your lifestyle.

Determine your budget and look up tattoo artists in your area whose work you like. A tattoo can be a lovely way to remember a significant life event or showcase your personality and interests.

The tattoo industry began to undergo remarkable innovation as the stigma surrounding them faded over time, and experimentation was welcomed. More realism resulted from this growth as artists could now produce creations that figuratively represented their surroundings thanks to technology.

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