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Tech business spaces going to dominate 2023

by Nathan Zachary

P2P lending platforms

Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platforms have gained great market traction in recent years, and everything indicates that they will continue to be in great demand for the foreseeable future. In fact, they are emerging as a great option when it comes to requesting loans, since the process takes traditional banks and all their bureaucracy out of the equation. The truth is that there are more and more individuals, entrepreneurs, businessmen and business owners using the services of this type of platform to request financing. In 2019, the P2P lending industry generated revenues of more than $67 billion dollars, and it is estimated that this market could exceed $558 billion dollars in 2027. For this reason, it is not an exaggeration to say that the days are numbered for people who depended solely on their credit scores and banks to process loans. These platforms represent one of the best futures businesses, so you should study them thoroughly if you are interested in profiting significantly from this market.

Virtual event planning platform:

The pandemic has forced events to be held virtually, since gatherings of people are prohibited in most countries of the world, in order to avoid new infections. This has prompted the development of new virtual platforms to plan massive online events, without health risks and under a fully attractive and functional scheme for users. Keep in mind that streaming video services are blurring geographic boundaries and regulations imposed by the pandemic, offering event planners a wealth of creative opportunities. To promote your services you must have a social media account and a channel. You will also need to acquire YouTube subscribers and likes easily. This will help you to be better on the platform. The organization of concerts, festivals, fashion events, dancing, singing, etc., which will be held remotely, will continue to gain strength in the immediate future, which translates into profitability and a constant cash flow.

Payment solutions with electronic wallets

“Wallets” or electronic wallets have been incredibly successful in the US market in recent years. So much so that several industry experts believe that they are about to become a national conglomerate. Undoubtedly, electronic payments, or with wallets, are synonymous with comfort, security and avant-garde, and this is something that is very attractive to both businesses and current consumers. These wallets allow them to carry out monetary transactions without handling cash or physical money, since everything is done digitally. Consequently, the development of programs or software that enhance and facilitate these virtual payments will generate billions of dollars in the coming years, both in the United States and in China or India. Chase Pay and Apple Pay are just a few success stories, as they have managed to revolutionize the payment system like never before. In short, this industry is highly profitable; Only in 2020 it reached a value of $130 billion dollars.

Vertical farming projects:

Vertical farms are becoming more and more established in the global market, as the population continues to grow at a rapid rate. These projects pursue a logical and novel purpose: to grow as much food as possible in small, controlled areas. In this way, flat crops (in traditional fields) come out of the game, since farmers manage to grow their crops upwards (vertically). This is one of those businesses with a future that you can start in your own home, or rather, in your own backyard, instead of investing large sums of money in horizontal farms. Businesses specializing in developing vertical farming technology will be in high demand, and therefore investing in them could be very convenient for you.

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