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Techniques for Creating Enjoyable And Realistic Novels

by Nathan Zachary

When you create your character, it is not something you’d like for them to be to become a collection of cliches. Do not just write a simple cliché. Instead, Novels add something unique to it. If you write simple details that aren’t layered it is very unlikely that chances that readers will appreciate it. They won’t be able to connect with the character or are not going to be a fan of her in any way.

Create characters that are engaging and relatable if would like your readers to be interested about them. Your readers must be able to recognize the characters and perhaps be able to understand their motivations. It is important to make them credible.

Incorporating realism into your book is essential. But it’s not as simple as it might sound. For instance, there is the yellow path we follow in real life to get there. There aren’t any real-life vampires. Novels are fictional works. It’s difficult to discern the truth in these works. But one thing one can try to change it more real is to make the characters more real.

Human beings make mistakes all every day. We react to emotions rather than reason, we worry excessively or insignificantly about things, and we possess numerous small qualities that differentiate us. It’s not easy to make clear that we are the fictional character of the story, however some strategies can aid.

Below are five instances of techniques for writing that help bring stories to life and make them more accessible for viewers.


Create interesting characters that are complex and intriguing

Readers are drawn to feel empathy for the characters they read about. They would like to know details about their characters and their lives within the story.

Let’s look at the Harry Potter’s novel, which is the most adored and famous work of literature. What made people love Harry’s character so many times? It’s possible that Hogwarts aren’t even real and yet people love the Book so many times? Where is the realism within it?

The answer is that , no whatever the story seemed the characters were highly complicated. They showed human emotion that is a deep and intricate character. Harry was a deeply complex character. Harry had many problems and was far from the perfect person. This is the reason the people loved him so much.

This Book is an excellent illustration of how the depth of characters can add realism and depth to the narrative of an entire novel. There isn’t one person in the world who can be perfect. Everyone has mistakes and no one is able to complete everything flawlessly. All is fine. Your characters are flawed regardless of how strong or smart they appear. Accepting that they have imperfections will make them more acceptable to others.

You can give your character flaws or weakness to create a more interesting and memorable.

Colleen Hoover’s story” It Ends with Us ” illustrates the way Ryle was a victim of severe anger issues. What is the reason? Lily was traumatized since the age of a child and that caused her to become a victim. Do you realize the way she was connected to her character’s weaknesses?

Create a game around it since a character could be a victim of many faults. Select the flaws that best express your emotions and then assign those to.

It’s sometimes difficult to recognize mistakes. There is a chance that a compassionate character will rather help a innocent person rather than continue their path because they love too deeply. A minor flaw could result in interesting scenes when you are able to challenge your emotions.

There is nothing as pure goodness or pure evil.

Heroes are known for their dark moments as well as villains for sometimes acting in the best way. Because the world isn’t simple as what is depicted in cartoons for children. Every day, people struggle to do”the “right right thing” isn’t always clear.

Your character is placed in an instance in which acting in the right way could result in putting more people at risk than it helps. What they stand for as an individual will be determined by the actions they take.

Let’s take a look at an illustration from “everything all of it” novel written by “Nicola Yoon.” In the novel how Maddy’s mother was portrayed as a nice woman. She always looked after her. In the beginning, (Spoiler alert!) She was not a kind lady in the first place.

Create unique designs for them.

One of the most distinct characteristics of cartoon characters is their outfits. SpongeBob is seldom seen without his signature shirt and tie. Does your character’s attire remain consistent or do you change it often?

The use of signature costumes for your character is acceptable. The character wearing armor could find it difficult take it off frequently.

However, they must change their clothes just as often the way we change our clothes. If they find changing their clothes too for them, they can try altering their hair styles. It is important to note that your character needs to be unique in their defining areas. This will enable readers to easily visualize them while reading about their separate. For instance Dan Brown’s Famous character Robert Langdon from his novels always wears a suit. This is his most recognizable style of clothing. Because he’s professor it is not difficult to imagine him wearing Khakis, coats or sweaters.

Let them be like real people

You’ve probably seen a film where two characters talk while you’re thinking that “They’re speaking about a different topic.” “How will this all come to an end?”

Avengers: Age of Ultron is an excellent illustration. The characters in the film speak through the use of quips or the use of exposition. This may cause you to laugh however real people do not talk like that. It’s not a full-immersive conversation.

There’s no need to ensure that your characters’ dialogue is “perfect” while they’re speaking. Allow them to speak over each one another. Let one of them take a break and organize their thoughts. They can mutter in their native language as they attempt to find the appropriate word to describe the situation, if English isn’t their primary language. Conversations aren’t always as easy as what the media portrays them to be.

Make them have real-life character traits.

“Write your knowledge,” says the author. This is a piece of writing advice that’s passed around in the form of candy. However, it’s with a good justification.

If you’re a part of a smaller group of friends, you’ve likely noticed that a few of them have similar traits. Perhaps they stumble, frequently interrupting others or aren’t able to stare at you when you’re talking.

These are authentic and interesting features. They’ll tell you details about people that you don’t wish to meet. They’re like a window into their innermost thoughts.

If you’re looking to establish your character a particular characteristic within the story, make it something someone else would do in the real world. Your readers will be more interested in the character if they can identify the characteristic.


Making a character that feels like a real person can be hard. Humans are multifaceted and unpredictable. This is why it’s rewarding when authors can create the essence of their character.

Your readers will adore your characters if they’re as vulnerable and dynamic as real-life people. They’ll be able to relate to them, inspire them and many other things that you didn’t expect them to be. The most important thing is that your readers won’t view them as fictional characters. They will see them as people. But, if you’re finished with your book and you are looking for a good editor, you should visit Ny Publishers.

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