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4 Technologies That Are Sure to Assist People in the Field Industry 

by Nathan Zachary

In the upcoming years, you can expect more cutting-edge technologies everywhere regardless of the industry. Things you can do today like contacting Cox customer support number to upgrade your internet connection from NLP-based voice assistants will get even smarter.   

Check out the 4 emerging technologies in the field industry in the following:  

Advanced 3D Printers 

3D Printing has been with us for a long time now. This technology helps in designing prototypes for parts of machinery and small models. Generally, these models are made with a polymer-based material. But now you can even create metal parts with 3D printing technology. Repair and maintenance costs can significantly drop for manufacturers and users.   

Also, the use of 3D printers can settle the problem of maintaining a supply chain of spare parts for machinery. It is because, in the future, companies can send the instructions and files to the users to create the machine parts. All the hassle of requesting spare parts, shipping them to your address, and the waiting time can be reduced. The companies won’t have to maintain an inventory of spares and additional parts for every model of their products. This can help the manufacturers in many ways. 

Simply put, the whole process will also help both the companies and customers in saving money. So, these are some benefits of advanced 3D printing technologies we will soon see in the future. 

Wearable Gadgets 

Wearables are another type of product that is continuously developing and becoming more advanced. There are already many wearable gadgets people wear every day around us like smartwatches, fitness bands, and AR and VR glasses. Besides these, wearables are also becoming more mainstream in the healthcare industry. 

Like most technologies, wearable gadgets will also become more advanced and functional in the future. You can expect the use of wearables in different types of training exercises. For example, you may see the use of AR and VR wearables for simulations of emergencies. 

Similarly, the health bands may become smart enough to warn patients in time and even contact the hospitals for them. The wearables are set in the direction already to bring such advancements. There are different fields where these wearables can serve people. 

Self-Driving Cars 

Self-driving cars are one of the most awaited advancements with many car manufacturers working towards development. At the moment, self-driving cars have not taken over as there are many challenges in their path. But the developments in fully autonomous cars that do not require anyone in the driving seat are on their way. 

Most self-driving cars we see today have features that assist the driver in driving but are not fully autonomous. Fully autonomous self-driving cars of the future may come without a steering wheel as no human intervention will be required in driving them. 

These smart vehicles can serve people in many ways in the future. They can revolutionize the traditional cab and public transport industry. Also, the technology may be applied to ambulances and fire trucks. So, there are many ways the technology of self-driving cars can assist people. 


Drones are another technology that may serve people in several ways. Even today, drones are becoming increasingly popular. From being a kids’ toy to a tool for photography and videography, they have several applications today. But in the future, there will be a lot more applications where drones will serve. 

In the coming years, we may see more uses for the drones around us. Future drones are expected to deliver things over long distances. So, they may find applications in courier and delivery services. Delivering drones can make the delivery process a lot less time-consuming for such companies. 

Apart from regular deliveries, another benefit is the fact that they can reach where most people can’t. For example, you can use it in oil rigs and mines to deliver tools and parts of machinery. The high-tech cameras with night vision can help the operator perform the task better than people. Also, such drones can serve in hazardous situations like gas leaks. 


Evolving technologies of the future will assist people in many departments of life. Four technologies that will assist in the future are advanced 3D Printing, wearable gadgets, self-driving cars, and drones. All these technologies will assist people in a variety of ways in the field industry. 

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