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Difference Between Testcase and Test Scenarios

by Nathan Zachary
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A tester employs a set of criteria known as a test case to determine whether or not a software application satisfies the client’s needs.

What is the Test Case composed of?

The test case design comprises preconditions, the case name, input conditions, and the expected result. A test case is a fundamental exercise that results from test scenarios.It is a thorough document that includes all feasible inputs (both favorable and unfavorable) and navigational guidelines for the test execution procedure. Writing test cases is a one-time task that may later be used for regression testing.

The test case provides comprehensive details regarding the testing methodology, process, prerequisites, and anticipated outcomes. These are used in the testing process to determine if the software program can accomplish the goal for which it was designed

Test cases let testers report bugs by connecting a problem with a test case ID. If the developer misses anything, it could be found during the execution of these full-proof test cases, which is advantageous to the testing team.

A test case should be written when?

We will create the test case after we receive the following details:

  • The developer starts working after the client gives the business requirements, and they anticipate finishing the product in 3.5 months.
  • The testing team will start creating the test cases in the meantime.
  • Once finished, it will send it to the test lead for review.
  • Once the developers develop it, the product is sent to the testing team.
  • Test engineers never peek at the requirement while testing the product document since testing is constant and does not rely on the test engineer’s quality but on their mood.

How does a test scenario function, and what is it?

A Test Scenario is a scenario that may be used to test any feature. It is a set of test scenarios that helps the testing team identify the advantages and disadvantages of the project. A high-level summary of what has to be tested is provided by the Test Scenario.

A test scenario is a comprehensive series of test cases that covers a software program’s whole functionality in liner statements. A scenario is a straightforward assertion. The test scenario is a high-level classification of the testable requirements. These standards were generated from use cases and grouped in accordance with a module’s functionality.

There is an extensive testing procedure since the scenario has so many test cases. Before finishing the test scenario, the tester must assess the test cases for each scenario. Since they are testing the software program from the user’s point of view, testers must put themselves in the test scenario’s user’s shoes. The production of the scenarios, which is the most crucial step in the process, calls for consulting with users, stakeholders, or engineers.

Test Scenarios: Writing Techniques

  • These procedures may be used by testers to create test scenarios.
  • Review the BRS (Business Requirement Specification), SRS (System Requirement Specification), and FRS (Functional Requirement Specification) requirements papers for the program (Functional Requirement Specification).
  • Determine all technical parameters and goals for each need.
  • Make the user’s interaction with the program as easy as you can.
  • Identify any and all potential ways the system may be misused, as well as any users who might be hackers.
  • After reviewing the requirements specification and doing the planned analysis, create a list of potential test cases to verify each software function.
  • Once you’ve compiled a list of all the potential test cases, create a traceability matrix to determine whether or not each requirement can be satisfied by a particular test case.
  • The project manager examines every possibility. The other project stakeholders then evaluate them.

Featured in the Test Scenario

  • A one-liner that guides testers through the testing process is known as a test scenario.
  • By employing a test scenario, the product’s repetition and complexity are reduced.
  • A test scenario is when you discuss and think in great depth about tests but put them in linear form in your writing.
  • It consists of a number of interconnected processes.
  • The significance of the test scenario increases when the tester lacks time to create test cases, and the team decides on a thorough liner scenario.
  • Saving time by using the test scenario is a good workout.
  • Since adding and changing test cases is straightforward and self-contained, it is easy to maintain.

Working with a Test Scenario

  • For an eCommerce application, a few test cases may be:
  • Examine the Search Functions in Scenario
  • Examine Scenario 2’s payment functionality.
  • Verify Scenario 3’s login functionality.
The Primary Distinction
  • A test scenario is any potential capacity that may be tested, while a test case is a set of operations performed to verify certain features or functionality.
  • Test Cases are generated from test cases, while Test Scenarios are derived from test artifacts like BRS and SRS.
  • Test Cases help with complete application testing, but Test Scenarios help with end-to-end feature testing in a more agile way.
  • Test Scenarios are more concerned with what to test
  • Test Cases are more concerned with what to test and how to test.
  • High-level actions are Test Scenarios, and low-level activities are Test Cases.
  • The resources and time needed to complete test cases are more than those needed for test scenarios.

In conclusion, it may be concluded that test case vs test scenarios are actually derive from artifacts so we need the requirements to gather the inputs and test scenarios to ensure we don’t forget any testing aspects to build the test case. Then, to maintain consistency, a test case template should be used, or each test engineer should create the test document similarly. We often create the test case as the developer works on new code

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