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THC Gummies For Hair Problems: Do They Actually Work?

by Nathan Zachary

If there is one product that has garnered immense interest in recent times, it is cannabis. The rate at which many conversations involving the product have proliferated the market regardless of the specific field concerned is quite impressive and speaks to the centrality of the product in modern times.  

As such, it is no surprise that cannabis has gotten close to the beauty market, leading to conversations regarding whether the product can be good for people dealing with hair problems. This article discusses THC and cannabis for hair problems, providing insight into the best way to use CBD. 

What Causes Hair Problems 

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a problem facing numerous people across the board. According to information from the Canadian Skin Organization, about 2% of the population will likely develop hair loss issues at some point. For this reason, hair loss issues appear to be pretty concerning for many people. 

Thus, the question of what exactly causes hair problems deserves deliberation. In general, people lose some amount of hair every day as the body generates more hair. However, hair loss problems are more prevalent in men and may be attributable to hereditary issues, hormonal issues, medical problems, or ordinary aging events. As such, at times, hair loss may not be very worrying for any individual.  

People suffering from hair loss may be willing to try quick fixes, such as wearing turbans, wigs, or hats. However, if you want a solution that fixes your problem in the long term, this article can come in handy for you.  

But before discussing the various products available from brands like www.weedsmart.cc/product-category/cbd-canada/cbd-gummies-canada/ and which ones can be good for your hair loss problems, it seems prudent to give some cursory information regarding THC and whether it can help your hair loss issues. 

THC for Hair Problems? 

THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It means that it is the component of the plant that causes the feelings of being high. If you consume a cannabis or hemp product rich in THC, you will experience feelings of euphoria and relaxation. One other prominent component or cannabinoid of cannabis is CBD. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is instrumental for medicinal effects, which you will probably be very interested in if you want to address hair loss issues. 

Research indicates a high relationship between THC and CBD and hair loss treatment. According to research concluded in 2021, using hemp-based CBD and THC to treat hair loss problems yielded significant results. For example, those who used the product at an average of 3 to 4 mg of CBD for six months increased hair growth by 93.5 per cent.  

It indicates that while research into the use of THC and CBD for hair loss problems has not gained ground, there is a significant likelihood of the product’s effectiveness for hair loss problems

Types Of Products to Use for Hair Loss 

Now that we have established that CBD and THC can be perfect for you if you want to address hair loss issues, the next step is showing which products are suitable for your use. The following are some of the THC gummies you can try out. 

At the top of the list are the 3 Pack – Twisted Extracts Mix & Match manufactured and sold by Weedsmart. The product contains three different gummies with different terpenes and, consequently, different flavors. Using the product can be good and may yield the results you need. This product costs $43 at retail. However, Weedsmart often has offers you can exploit and enjoy high discounts anytime. 

If costs are an aspect of consideration for you, you can use the Alya Extract – Lychee Jelly Blocks 200mg THC product which costs $17 each. These jelly blocks are a THC gummy infused with different terpenes and flavors. Using them can help solve the hair loss problems you face. 

What Else to Do for Hair Loss 

As the age-old saying goes, prevention is often better than cure. As such, there are other techniques you may opt to exploit to avoid instances of hair loss. First, treat your hair gently at all times. It involves washing your hair softly and using a detangler when you want to comb it. Additionally, always comb your hair when wet since it is soft. Lastly, limit the tension you exert on your hair by avoiding tight hairstyles. 


As with any other health issue, when it comes to hair loss, you may want to consult your doctor before trying out THC to help relieve the problem. Additionally, ensure that you start small as you gauge your response to the THC. It is advisable since everybody has a unique response to THC. 

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