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The 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Felons

by Nathan Zachary

It can be difficult for felons to find gainful employment. The reality is that many employers are hesitant to hire anyone with a criminal record, no matter how minor the infraction may be. However, there are still several high-paying jobs that felons can pursue. Here are the 10 highest-paying jobs for felons:

1. Construction manager

2. Recycling Coordinator

3. Janitorial manager

4. Food service manager

5. welder

6. Carpenter

7. truck driver

8. plumber

9. electrician

10. security guard

While it may be difficult for felons to find employment, there are still several high-paying jobs that they can pursue. With a little research and perseverance, anyone with a criminal record can find meaningful employment in a well-paying career!

10 Highest Paying Jobs For Felons

It can be difficult for ex-offenders to find employment after being released from prison. Many employers are reluctant to hire individuals with criminal records, resulting in a significant employment barrier for ex-offenders. However, there are some high-paying jobs that ex-offenders can pursue. Below is a list of the 10 highest-paying jobs for felons.

1. Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers – Median annual salary: $41,340

2. Construction Laborers – Median annual salary: $33,450

3. Electricians – Median annual salary: $51,880

4. Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters – Median annual salary: $52,590

5. Elevator Installers and Repairers – Median annual salary: $79,780

6. Boilermakers – Median annual salary: $60,120

7. Machinists – Median annual salary: $43,640

8. Maintenance and Repair Workers – Median annual salary: $37,070

9. First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics – Median annual salary: $64,560

10. Packers and Packagers – Median annual salary: $26,800


All of the jobs on this list have a median annual salary of over $30,000 a year. With the right skill set and experience, ex-offenders can pursue high-paying careers even with a criminal record. the earnings potential is not determined by past mistakes but by present ability and willingness to work hard and learn new things. There are many job opportunities available for those who take the time to look for them.

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