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The 5 Best Phone Holder For Golf in 2022

by Nathan Zachary
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Finding a good place for your cell phone on a golf cart can take time and effort.

If your golf cart has a cup holder, you may think about setting it there, but there are better spots than this one.

There are usually liquids in a cup holder, so the cell phone must be more secure.

However, numerous solutions to this problem will keep your phone dry, safe, and secure.

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In this complete guide, we take a look at the best cell phone holders for golf. 

1. Caddie Buddy Cell Phone Holder For Golf 

The Caddie Buddy cell phone holder for Golf Cart can be mounted on your golf cart, for example, on the steering column. The Caddie Buddy can accommodate phones with a width of 2.8 inches, including any case used around the phone. However, it will still fit in the caddy with or without a protective case. 

Four adjustable arms allow for the installation of any phone or GPS device. The phone is inserted into the mount’s bottom cradle and pushed down until the top can slide under the top clip. The phone and holder then latch into place, preventing bouncing or flying with your phone or case. The phone holder’s full clip adjusts to accommodate longer phones. 

2. Compact Golf Cart Phone Holder

This phone holder is compatible with most of today’s golf cart models. It is also compatible with all brands and smartphones up to 3.3 inches in size. It should reassure you if you have the most recent Samsung plus, iPhone plus, golf cart phone models, and GPS devices. A spring-loaded mechanism easily grips your phone, and a silicon clip mounts it securely to golf cart handlebars and other locations for positioning. It is also possible to rotate it vertically and horizontally. 

Despite its small size and design, this slim-line phone holder has a strong enough attachment to keep your phone secure. Resistance and vibration do not affect the holder. It is also a great addition to golf phone apps because you can quickly go over golf course maps and input scorecards. There’s no need to stress about finding your phone to take care of the golf game business. You are not required to remove your phone case or phone, which can be distracting.

3. ihens5 Phone Mount Golf Cart

This holder is ideal if you own an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy model. It was designed for these phones and Motorola Moto products and secured them to the frame. This device employs an adjustable base to facilitate installation in various vehicles, including golf carts. The swivel design allows for easier viewing of the phone.  

When driving over a bump, the last thing you want is for your phone to fly away. As a result, this cup phone holder has strong clamps and feet to hold your phone securely with or without a case.

The cell phone holder for golf has an adjustable base that can be expanded or contracted by turning a knob. This allows the cell phone car holder to be easily installed in most vehicles, golf carts, etc.

4. Dprofy Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Holder

Dprofy golf phone caddy is simple to set up and use. It’s magnetic enough to keep the phone mount stable on the golf cart, even on steep hills. This golf cart mount includes a golf bag metal clip that you can use on a golf club bag, golf stand bag, or golf cart. It’s especially suitable for golf carts with windshield frames. 

The Dprofy phone holder for golf securely holds the phone with an adjustable twist lock and an extra solid, stable shelf clip. In addition, the brand added flexible rubber padded strips on the sides, which can increase friction and reduce scratches, keeping your phone safe. You can turn the bracket of the golf phone holder in any direction to ensure you have the best view possible while avoiding glare from the sun. Furthermore, Dprofy magnetic golf cart phone holder allows you to release your cellphone with a single click when using Golf apps.  

5. TOPGO Golf Cart Phone Holder

It enables you to use your phone at any time. You can freely and flexibly adjust the angle as needed. So you can avoid holding your phone in the cold wind while playing golf. It is specifically designed for golf carts, but it also fits strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, grocery carts, and other similar vehicles. Even on rough roads, the clips with non-slip silicone pads can hold the edge tightly and steadily. 

You can easily store it in your pocket or any small bag. Furthermore, it is compatible with most mobile phones and popular GPS units. Keep it in your backpack, and be prepared to capture life’s important moments. 

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