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The 5 Best Subscription Boxes for Snack Lovers 

by Nathan Zachary

Eating snacks can be an easy way to boost your energy between meals – it’s even better if these snacks are tasty and fulfill your cravings. Many people decide to snack during the day, especially at work, because it can satisfy your hunger until the lunch break and significantly improve your mood.  

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Moreover, snacking has been proven to reduce stress and boost serotonin. Eating snacks may become a highlight of your day because you will instantly feel better, but what snacks should you take? How can you escape the traditional, dull, and tasteless snacks you can find in every store?  

Snack subscription boxes may be the perfect choice for you. These boxes contain tasty snacks to keep your energy levels high during the day. If you are not a fan of the snacks you can find in your local supermarket, check out some of the best subscription boxes for all snack lovers.  

1. Carnivore Club  

Carnivore Club offers subscription boxes that are specifically designed for meat lovers. They pride themselves in offering premium cured meats seasoned meat artisans have prepared for you.  

To shake things up a little bit and make their offer more interesting, they change their artisans every month, so their subscribers can expect something unique. 

These boxes are primarily dedicated to those who love the taste of meat – hedonists who enjoy taking a break and chewing on some awesome jerky or meat sticks. They offer a variety of different boxes to suit your specific taste. Also, there are four different subscription tiers, depending on how much you want to spend.  

The Carnivore Club snack subscription box will come to your doorstep directly. You will find between four and six different handcrafted cured meat products. Some of the products you can expect include, but are not limited to, different types of jerky, meat sticks, biltong, etc.  

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2. MunchPak  

If you like international cuisine, you will love MunchPak snack subscription boxes. Once you subscribe to receive their mystery boxes, you will get some of the best snacks from all around the world. These boxes come with various sweet, sour, and salty snacks you can enjoy during the day without ordering them from a different country.  

You can choose from many options, such as Mini or FamilyPak boxes, that offer full-sized snacks or mini editions. You will get the chance to be the first one to try some of the newest snacks before they come to your local market.  

With MunchPak, you will get a taste of every country at a low cost.  

3. Universal Yums Snack Box  

Universal Yums Snack Box also offers snacks from all over the world. When you subscribe to their snacks program, you will receive a themed package with various treats from a particular country each month. This box won’t mix snacks from different countries into one box – you will receive snacks from a single country, allowing you to taste what that country offers.  

You can select various box sizes and even gift them to a friend (to be honest, it’s one of the best and most unique gifts you can give someone).  

You can also choose which flavors you like, and the company will send you a box containing the flavors you like. For example, if you are into spicy snacks, you may receive a package with snacks from India.  


4. Bokksu  

Asian cuisine has become popular over the last few years since they mix various flavors into their meals and snacks. If you’re adventurous and want to learn about Japanese snacks, we recommend applying for a Bokksu snack box subscription. You will receive some of the best Japanese snacks each month.  

Most Japanese snacks you find in stores are not really what Japanese people would snack on during the day. Their original snacks are much more flavorful and nutritious than the ones in your local store. To see what makes Japanese snacks so tasty, you should subscribe to the Bokksu snack boxes.  

5. Candy Club  

Candy Club snack boxes are made for those who have a sweet tooth. If you don’t enjoy salty snacks and want to try different sweets, this might be the perfect snack box for you. When you subscribe, you can choose two options: sweet or sour, depending on your preferences.  

All the snacks you can find in Candy Club boxes are packed into cups you can reuse after munching everything in them.  

They are perfect for people working long hours and who need an instant energy boost. It is not only a tasty treat but also a mood-improver.  

Candy Cookies


Eating snacks has become one of the best parts of our day because we can enjoy tasty goods that can increase our energy levels when required. If you are tired of traditional snacks like plain chips or chocolate bars, you may want to try some snack boxes. We have mentioned some of the best snack boxes you can subscribe to. So, pick one and order now.  

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