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The battery of the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasts so long that I don’t even charge it at 100% anymore

by Nathan Zachary
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I have been using an iPhone 13 Pro Max as my primary device for several months now . It is a terminal that is in line with what we can expect year after year from Apple: better cameras, more speed, a slightly more refined design. But there is one aspect that has completely changed the way I see this iPhone. And that ‘s the gigantic battery it has

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iPhone 13 Pro Max, a truly huge battery

The iPhone 13 Pro Max battery is one of those things that completely changes your use of the device. Not surprisingly, it is the model with the greatest autonomy in the history of Apple. And which is why I no longer charge the iPhone to 100% every night. However, in the event that you are another iPhone client, you can see iPhone 14, yet right now iPhone 14 isn’t accessible on the lookout. Nonetheless, the cost of iPhone 14 star max bangladesh and 13 expert max might be somewhat unique. That is the reason you should check the market cost prior to purchasing the iPhone.

Iphone autonomy

As we see in the graph, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the greatest autonomy of the iPhone in the three main sections . Specifically, 25 hours of video streaming, 28 hours of local playback and 95 hours of wireless audio. Only in hours of streaming doubles the autonomy of the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max .

If we look at the detail of the hardware, the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 4,352mAh . Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro Max had 3,687mAh and the iPhone 11 Pro Max outperformed it at 3,969mAh. The differences in capacities from 11 to 12 did not imply, according to Apple, differences in autonomy in these three variables.

All this translates into a real change in the experience of this iPhone. One that is not visible until months have passed and that you get used to over the weeks.

Goodbye to the constant load, hello autonomy of two days

iPhone 13 pro max

It’s taken me a while to figure it out, but I haven’t charged this iPhone 13 Pro Max to 100% for several weeks now. I no longer obsessively look at the battery percentage or make calculations about whether I will have time to get home with the autonomy I have. That’s a thing for the past.

This is a combination of factors in my daily use. The first is due to the fast charge, which allows me to have acceptable autonomy for the whole day in just half an hour. Now, I usually charge the iPhone up to 60% or 80%, with a duration of about a day and a half. 

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Battery Iphone 13 Pro Max

In this screenshot we see how I charged the iPhone up to 65% last Sunday at 10:23. At 4:06 p.m. the following Monday, the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery was at 2%. I don’t usually rush that much and when the first or second battery level alert pops up, I put it on charge. But you can see how it lasted a day and a half without problems.

My daily use is a normal one, without large battery-intensive sessions. I do play LEGO Star Wars: Battles multiple times a day, browse Safari and use Twitter. The only trick I use is to activate airplane mode while I sleep, which suspends consumption for 6 or 7 hours.

Which iPhone 13 has more battery: comparison of the official autonomy of the most recent models


Which iPhone 13 has more battery: comparison of the official autonomy of the most recent models

Without a doubt, this iPhone is amazing in terms of battery. In recent times I am considering getting off the Pro Max model and resorting to a more contained model. But the truth is that the battery continues to play an important role in that decision.

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