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The Best VAT Return Filing Services In UAE With Bestaxca

by Nathan Zachary
VAT Return Filing Services In UAE

VAT return services in the United Arab Emirates

VAT – an introduction to key concepts and knowledge

VAT returns are an integral part of the VAT system and are used to report the VAT collected and paid by businesses to the tax authorities for a given period. VAT Return Filing Services In UAE returns through the online portal on the website of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

When do businesses taxable in the UAE have to submit their VAT returns?

In the UAE, taxable businesses must submit VAT returns on a regular basis; they must submit VAT returns by the 28th of the month following the end of the tax period specified by the tax authorities; under UAE VAT legislation, taxable businesses must pay VAT to the tax authorities within the prescribed time limit.

How can I get help with my VAT return?

Push Digits tax experts can provide you with support and advice on your VAT return. We can help you with your VAT return in the following ways.

– Our team will visit your business on a regular basis to gather the information and records you need for your VAT return. At the end of each tax year, our team will prepare and file a return on your behalf in accordance with the published UAE VAT legislation.

– Our tax experts can also advise and consult on tax obligations under the VAT law.

– We will ensure that you file your tax return within the deadlines set by the federal tax authorities.

– We provide appropriate tax planning for our clients’ businesses.

How to file a VAT return in the UAE?

In the UAE, taxpayers can submit their VAT returns via the online portal on the FTA website. Taxpayers must first log in to the FTA’s online e-services portal and enter their username/email address and password to access the VAT form 201. Our tax experts will assist you in preparing and submitting your tax return by the deadline set by the APEH.

What information should taxable businesses include in their VAT return?

The UAE tax return provides information on the amount of tax paid or refunded for the tax year. Taxable businesses must provide information on the output tax payable and the amount of input tax that can be used to offset output tax. If a company’s output tax exceeds its advance tax (input tax), it must pay the excess to the authorities in the form of tax. Conversely, if a company’s input tax exceeds its output tax, the authorities will refund the excess.

The VAT201 form contains the following information on output and input tax

Excise duty

– Output tax: tax levied on the basis of the standard rate (5%) and VAT.

– Tax payable on goods purchased outside the UAE (imported goods).

– Tax on the supply of services from outside the UAE.

– Tax liability on non-taxable goods purchased outside the UAE.

– Tax refunded in case of additional taxation.

Input tax.

– Tax levied on current expenses.

– Tax on the purchase of ordinary goods.

– Tax on goods purchased outside the UAE.

– Tax on services provided outside the UAE.

How can Push Digits help me with my tax return?

Our experienced tax advisors can provide you with expert tax advice and tax returns by phone or email. We can also help you with VAT implementation and training on the necessary processes and procedures.

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