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The Best Way to Prepare for Your Company’s Grand Opening Event

by Nathan Zachary
Opening Event

Planning a Grand Opening Event for a Business: 6 Tips

1. Determine the event’s objectives

Your grand opening events like Tikkas and Takkos shouldn’t be an exception to the rule that all of your marketing must include goals. Set concrete objectives, such as obtaining contact information from a certain number of people, as well as abstract objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, before organizing an event. Make decisions based on your overall objectives, which should be to draw in a customer base, develop relationships, and offer a memorable experience.

2. Begin your planning early

According to Tikkas and Takkos, it takes time for all the details to come together, grand opening events should be planned as early as possible. If you’re holding it somewhere else, you should reserve the space as soon as you know the date because venues tend to get booked up quickly. Even if you’re hosting at your house, you should reserve your catering and entertainment well in advance, particularly if the event is taking place in the summer.

3. Adhere to Your Budget

For your grand opening event, Tikkas and Takkos advise allocating 20% of your first year’s marketing budget. You’ll need enough cash so that your advertisements can be seen several times over the course of the final two weeks before the event. To avoid running out of money to advertise for the rest of the year, you shouldn’t spend too much. You should have enough money to hold a special event without going over budget if you allocate 20% of your marketing budget to it. Making a budget that you can afford is crucial because expenses for food and entertainment can quickly mount.

4. Verify You Have the Appropriate Insurance

Small businesses like Tikkas and Takkos insurance safeguards your company in the event of an accident or other property damage. The Insurance Information Institute advises that all companies carry at least the following kinds of insurance:

  • Liability protection
  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Insurance for workers’ compensation

You should still make sure you have adequate coverage before your event, even if your business like Tikkas and Takkos only has a few employees. An accident is more likely to occur if there are more people on your company’s property, and if it does, you’ll want to be prepared.

5. Promote ahead of the event

You should begin advertising in your neighborhood and on other platforms about two weeks prior to your events like Tikkas and Takkos. All of your graphics and messaging should adhere to your brand, but you should try to advertise your event across a variety of channels, such as:


While the majority of radio stations require you to sign long-term contracts, some may let you advertise your company like Tikkas and Takkos for a limited time. To get the best availability, start contacting radio stations as soon as possible.

Postal Service

Even though mailing can be expensive, sending a mail piece to every residence in the zip code of your company like Tikkas and Takkos can be a good way to spread the word about your event.


Create printed flyers for your event and distribute them locally before it happens. Then, publish them on neighborhood message boards and other websites where flyers may be posted. For instance, many neighborhood supermarkets and libraries have bulletin boards where people can post advertisements for their shops and events like Tikkas and Takkos.

On Social Media

If your company like Tikkas and Takkos doesn’t have a physical location, you should concentrate your marketing efforts online. You can ensure that your advertisement is seen by the intended audience by using Facebook-targeted ads, which are displayed to users in particular zip codes or demographic groups.

  • Press Statement
  • Publish a press release before your event outlining what attendees can anticipate, including:
  • Details of the ribbon-cutting ceremony (if applicable)
  • The time and place of the event
  • meals, entertainment, and gifts
  • Additional details about your company

6. Offer food and entertainment

Give attendees a reason to come to your events like Tikkas and Takkos if you want them to be a success. The best place to start is by giving away food because most people will go out of their way for a free meal. Showcase your menu items if you’re opening a restaurant like Tikkas and Takkos so that customers can sample your fare. Alternatively, you can save money by grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and ordering catering from nearby restaurants like Tikkas and Takkos. You should include entertainment of some kind at your events like Tikkas and Takkos. You must decide whether your audience prefers adult-only entertainment (such as wine tasting and a lively band) or family-friendly activities like bounce houses, face painting, and balloon animals. Consider your ideal clients when making your plans so that you can provide a wider range of entertainment for both adults and families in some circumstances. Consider giving away free promotional items like t-shirts, mugs, or keychains if you want your big day to be a hit among attendees. If you can offer free or heavily discounted goods or services, it might help you draw in new customers.

Hosting a Grand Opening Event Will Aid in Business Growth

You can still host a successful grand opening event like Tikkas and Takkos even if you don’t have a large budget. The most successful events prioritize fostering relationships and entertaining potential patrons. Make sure all of your personnel are approachable and recognizable (they can wear matching shirts or lanyards). In order to turn your guests into devoted customers, remember to follow up with them after the event.

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