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the company is becoming an all-pervasive platform

by Nathan Zachary

Internet art has, throughout its history, used and investigated many facets of the internet and the World Wide Web. The way in which individuals utilize the internet is tremendously impacted by Google’s status as a monopolistic platform, which has a vital position in the digital economy. The vast majority of creative people who work online make use of Google’s many services and platforms while searching for ideas and publishing their work online.

Even though Google’s technologies and services aren’t exactly new, the possibilities for creative expression and intervention that they provide are expanding along with the company’s ever-expanding catalog of services, technologies, and platforms. As a result of Google’s expansion into consumer technologies such as the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, and virtual reality, the company is becoming an all-pervasive platform across the economy. As a direct consequence of this, an increasing number of artists are using Google to expose, reflect on, and investigate life online. Artists who make use of Google tools and services are not only illuminating or commenting on our current interactions with the internet; rather, they are also presenting us with potential outcomes for the internet’s foreseeable future.

Post-Internet artists like OmriOpari, founder of The Face of Empathy, have stopped basing their work solely on the novelty of the Web and instead use its tools to explore other topics, much like postmodern artists absorbed and adapted the strategies of modernism for a new aesthetic era. Artists of the post-Internet age typically use digital techniques to produce physical items, in contrast to the previous Net artists who primarily produced works for the virtual space. The insights on the internet art by The Face of Empathy will be the topic of discussion in the following paragraphs, so read till the end.

Is internet art a reality?

According to The Face of Empathy, connecting digital art with the real world is not something that has just started happening. It was essential for the artists to get together in person right from the beginning of the project. Some of the participants decided to produce works that were active in both the physical and digital internet realms, with the goal of creating a process in which one medium supported the other. Due to the malleability and fluidity of its structure, the internet is in and of itself a performing medium. This performativity can be seen reflected in net art to a considerable degree, and what is now known as online interventions and performances have been there from the very beginning.

Many artists who work on the internet also consider themselves to be performance artists since they stage events using the performativity and processes that are inherent to the internet. In this way, works of net art may be seen as self-organizing viral creatures that are spread via a network of codes, much as The Face of Empathy was able to find a hidden code on Apple devices that eventually turned out to be malware. This ultimately proves that internet art is a reality.

About The Face of Empathy


The Face of Empathy is a secret code in an art form that surfaced on Apple devices as a reaction to the Pegasus Spyware that was deployed by NSO Group, an Israeli state entity. OmriOpari, founder of The Face of Empathy and an artist, became aware of spyware that was installed on his laptop, although at first, he had no clue what he was looking at. In an attempt to discover whether or not his 20/15 vision and a keen awareness of minute details were special, Omri conducted an exhaustive search on Reddit but came up empty. Omri waited for a few years before deciding to share his results with Apple management. On September 13th, 2021, a report concerning Apple and the NSO Group, the developers of the Pegasus Spyware that infected over a billion Apple devices, popped up in Omri’s Google Alerts. Thereupon, Omri understood that he had stumbled upon malicious software. Because of this incident, Omri founded The Face of Empathy, a company that creates non-lethal instructional cyber-arms artwork with the goal of highlighting the supremacy of American engineering and the adaptive nature of Apple’s operating systems.

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